Top five things every University of Essex student should do!

So, university is an amazing experience. Yes it is hard work at times and yes there are essays and exams- but don’t let that put you off!

In fact its not all work when you come to uni, remember “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

I’m sure different students will have different opinions on what everyone ought to do whilst at Essex, here is just one set of ideas to make the most of your time at Essex:

1) Try every food outlet on campus

The University of Essex is lucky enough to have a great number of food outlets on campus all with different themes or tastes on offer. No 64 is our London red bus which serves delicious pie and mash, Fusion has a mix of Chinese, Indian and Mexican cuisines while Zest offers tasty cafe food and hot drinks.

There are 14 places on our Colchester campus alone, so best getting exploring… and eating!


Our No. 64 bus serves great pie and mash and has excellent views of the lake


2) Go to the coast

Both our Southend and Colchester campuses are close the coast and that means the sea, the beach, ice cream and most importantly fish & chips!

From Colchester the ever popular Clacton-on-sea is a short train or bus ride away, as are Frinton and Walton and they are great for trips away from campus with your new friends.

3) Explore the town

Sometimes its just nice to take a break from campus and what better place than to visit the nearby towns?

Colchester is awash with a great variety of shops, places to eat and attractions- not least the castle and the zoo! While Southend offers the beauty of the coast with the convenience of great facilities and coastal attractions.


4) Go to Milk It at least once

Never have night times been so entertaining! Make sure at least once during your time here that you try Milk It, a whole night dedicated to cheesy classics and 90’s hits… yes it is silly, yes you’ll look like an idiot but you will be having too much of a good time to care.

5) Try a different sport each week

Just Play sessions at Essex are free and are a great way to try a different sport. Over 30 drop in sessions are available each week, so you can try sports like badminton, tennis, squash, swimming and ice skating plus many, many more with no commitment and its FREE! (The word ‘free’ will become a miracle to you during your years at uni). If you don’t like anything, simply try another sport – Did I mention it’s free?!


So much to choose from, perhaps you’ll develop your own list of things to do whilst at Essex! Enjoy!

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