An A-Z guide to Essex

A is for Awkward. Freshers can be awkward. Let’s face it, meeting new people for the first time can be awkward. But you’ll laugh it off and that’ll be the start of a beautiful friendship.

B is for Blades. At Essex, sports is a big part of the university and Essex Blades is our team. I know if you’re like me and you haven’t ran since year 9 P.E, the thought of sports is daunting.  But there is lots to choose from, such as hockey, pole dancing and ultimate frisbee.

C is for Campus Cat. Whether you love or hate cats, you will love this one! Pebbles is the Essex mascot and can been seen roaming around campus everyday ! He is so popular at Essex, he even has his own student card.


D is for Derby Day. If you do join a sports team, Derby Day is the biggest day of the year. This is the day where Essex compete against their ultimate rivals, UEA (booo!).

E is for Essex. While you’ve made the move to somewhere new, why not try some days out amd see what the county has to offer? A trip to Clacton seaside or go rollerskating at roller world.

F is for Fednesday. Every Wednesday night the sports teams get together, dress up and go to sports fed. It is many Essex students’ favourite night out on campus.

G is for Goals. During you’re university experience, remember why you came. Don’t forget to set goals and put the work in to achieve them!

H is for hoodies. Admit it, you’ve always wanted a university hoodie. Well here’s your chance. Get yourself down to Everything Essex to get your hands on one!



I is for Illness.  You’re about to suffer from fresher flu. What is fresher flu? No one really knows. All I can tell you is at some point during the first couple weeks you will get a bizarre illness where you may feel like you might be about to pass out, but I guarantee you’ll still be going to all the nights out!

J is for Job. If you want a little bit of extra money it’s a good idea to get a job. The SU offer lots of jobs working in their venues and you can also speak to the Employability and Careers service on campus.

K is for Kitchen. This is where some of the best memories at Essex will happen!

L is for Level up. Like somewhere a bit quieter to hang out? Why not go to level up to play a bit of pool, and don’t forget to try their milkshakes!

M is for Milk it. On Monday get yourself down to the SU bar for karaoke and then after midnight getting to dance to loads of cheesy pop!

giphy (4).gif

N is for Nine am. If you can go to milk it and make it to the 9am the next day, you’re winning at student life.

O is for overdraft. If you not very good with money, check which bank offers the best overdraft options.

P is for Peer Mentor. Find out who your peer mentor is. They can be helpful for any questions you might have about your subject or university life in general.

Q is for Quiz Night. Who doesn’t love a quiz night? Get yourself down to the SU bar on a Thursday with a quiz team and test your knowledge!



R is for Reading List. Best advice, do your weekly reading! You’ll only get behind if you don’t!

S is for Societys. Join a society, we’ve lots to choose from such as Debating, Harry Potter and Punk.

T is for TV License. The rules have changed for watching catch up TV and needing a TV license. Don’t be caught out, check if you need one before you watch!

U is for Unidays. Make sure you create a unidays account for student discount off lots of shops, and it includes half price spotify!

V is for Vitamins. At uni you will experience sleep deprivation, freshers flu and hangovers, so eating the right food and getting the right vitamins is very important!

W is for Weekends. For me, weekends are at spent at work earning extra cash, for other university students it’s spent going out on a Saturday night and spending Sunday with a hangover. Decide how you want to spend yours and enjoy!

giphy 6.gif


X is for Xerography. Do you know what this word means? No me either. But be prepared to use long words that you may not completely understand in your essays!

Y is for Yum. The satisfaction of the first time you cook a decent meal on your own.

Z is for Zoo. Colchester was voted 2nd in the country for its zoo, so I would definitely advise a trip to the zoo! I’ve probably been 20 times myself.g

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