Adjusting to life down under in 5 Instagram worthy photos

So it’s been over two months now since I left the UK to study on my year abroad! It still feels like it was yesterday that I found out that I was coming to Australia, the time is just flying by so quickly! I’ve been lucky enough to see so much of this beautiful country so far and I’m already excited to explore a whole lot more of it.

In this time, I’ve found somewhere to live, started studying at University and I’ve begun to adjust to everyday life in Australia.

Here are a few of my highlights so far…


Carrying on with me and my housemate’s valiant efforts in trying to fit in with the locals, we attempted to understand the game that is Australian Rules Football at a match the other week featuring the Brisbane Lions. To sum it up… it’s kind of like Rugby but with a lot more kicking involved on a much bigger pitch. It was all a bit confusing but an experience nevertheless!

DSCN0499 (2).JPG

A Barbecue in my house’s back garden and regular hot weather in Brisbane means that a barbie is a pretty regular occurrence out here! Here’s a picture of my first Kangaroo Sausage, or more affectionately known out here as a Kanga Banger, which was delicious. I’ve also had the delight of sampling other Australian cuisine such as Tim Tam’s (an Australian chocolate biscuit) which are also really tasty!


Brisbane sunsets are simply beautiful and make my commute back home from Uni each evening all the more spectacular! Here’s just one of the many which I see every week. Cloudy Colchester eat your heart out…

DSCN0425 (2).JPG

Okay so I couldn’t just come to Australia and not get a picture with a Kangaroo? Here’s a snapshot of me acting like a complete tourist when I went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and got to see one up close!


DSCN0726 (2).JPG

This picture is from my visit to North Stradbroke Island, an island just outside of Brisbane, on a random Sunday! That day we went dolphin and whale watching, explored the island and just chilled on the beach. It was absolute paradise! I’m the one third from the left!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my journey so far and I look forward to sharing a lot more of Oz with you as the months go by!


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