Secrets of the University of Essex

With an influx of new students due to start very soon, the University of Essex campus is about to be filled with life again. However, once everyone is settled and you become a pro at navigating the campus, it is likely that there are things that you and all the other students and staff may have missed.

So take note (but don’t tell everyone, as they are secrets!) here are some things that you may not know about the University of Essex:


There is a Secret Garden

Yes there is a secret garden on campus, conveniently called The Secret Garden. Located off square 3 it becomes a hive of activity during exam season as people use it as a space to relax.

Method in the madness

The story goes that Kenneth Capon, who designed the university, was keen to promote a sense of community and inter-department teamwork. So the design of the university was intentional in order to force people to talk to one other in the event that they got lost!

Whether it is true or not, talking to strangers has often provided me with a new short cut!

The Lego University of Essex

The architect of the original 1960’s buildings, Kenneth Capon, designed his original plan for the university using his son’s lego bricks- that explains why the university buildings are square.

23863522969_40f183ff41_o…But they cut back on the number of towers

Capon had originally planned to have over twenty towers as part of his original vision. In the end only 6 were built.

Speaking of the towers

The Towers are an iconic part of the Colchester skyline and an instantly recognisable part of the University of Essex architecture. With approx 143-235 rooms in each tower, they are colossal structures, however because they catch the wind they are designed to sway ever so slightly in order to not take the full brunt of any gale.


There is a campus allotment

Located behind Wivenhoe House, the Campus Community Garden provides a tranquil space away from the hustle and bustle of the squares.

We’re not all about cats!

Campus Cat is our on campus celebrity and it is a great game to try and find the wonderful Pebbles during the day. But did you know that we regularly have canine visitors as well?

The university chaplain regularly brings her dog, Joey, on to campus and during exam time the SU arranges for a few dogs to come onto campus to help everyone de-stress.

Campus CatRebels with a cause

In the university’s early years it had a reputation for having rebellious students who frequently went on strike. On one occasion the vice-chancellor’s office was occupied in a student sit-in and another incident saw a student drive their car into the fountain that existed on square 4, saves on parking fees I guess!

And that is a few things that you may not know about the University of Essex, but shhh! Don’t let them hear you telling anyone.


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