“I’ll never do that…” University stereotypes which you’ll 100% live up to

Let’s face it, students are stereotyped a lot and there are lots of clichés surrounding being a university student. A lot of them are completely wrong, like the stereotype that all students are lazy and do nothing with their days…


“University life is easy, it’s just like riding a bicycle.” Said no one ever

Source: http://tyndaleblogs.ca/parents-family/categories/articles/supporting-your-student-through-the-adjustment-period/

However, whilst I can’t agree on all of them, some of them are pretty on point. Whilst you vowed that that person would never be you, chances are that it probably already is…

Student Loan

student loan.gif

Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/college-loan-syBlSgDbjsMHC

What you plan to do: Budget your student finance to cover you for every week of the term.

What you actually do: Start the year sticking to your budget, only to be distracted by the latest deals at Tesco. “Ben and Jerry’s for £3? What a bargain! I’ll just have to take two tubs… It’ll work out cheaper in the long run…”

Milk It

What you plan to do: Avoid it. You left the cheesy music at those kid’s birthday parties in the noughties along with the spiked up hair and the flame covered shirts right?

What you actually do: Go along once reluctantly and then absolutely fall in love with it. You now arrive at the SU bar early for a few karaoke spots before having a dance to songs you thought were forgotten forever. Who knew that the Grease Megamix or S Club 7 could sound even better 13 years on…

Going out

What you plan to do: Go out at the weekend occasionally to have a few drinks to celebrate the end of a hard working week.

What you actually do: Get persuaded to go out by your flatmates on an idle Thursday evening. Their proposition is much better than the assignment you should be working on anyway and you don’t have any other excuses other than watch Netflix. You say that you won’t drink or stay out late, only to find yourself at your 9 am the next morning feeling even worse than when you found out Bake Off was moving to Channel 4.


Just go to the dark side already Paul…

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/2016/07/07/the-great-british-bake-off-to-return-for-two-christmas-specials/


What you plan to do: Iron your whole wardrobe every week along with your weekly clothes wash.

What you actually do: Leave that unused iron that your mum made you buy in its box and never use it. If you dry your shirts on a hanger, then you won’t need to iron it right?


What you plan to do: Organise a cleaning rota to make sure that everywhere in your student house is kept clean.

What you actually do: Leave your washing up by the sink and await the inevitable moaning by the house group chat. I mean come on, I’ve just cooked and now you want me to clean up after myself as well? I can’t do EVERYTHING!

Make a packed lunch everyday

What you plan to do: Wake up every morning and make a healthy sandwich just before you go out for after your lecture.

What you actually do: Struggle to get out of the bed in the morning. Realise that you now have to rush to get out of the door in 15 minutes. You haven’t even showered or got dressed yet and that sandwich all of a sudden becomes a distant memory… Looks like it’s a meal deal from the store then…

Doing work for your assignments

What you plan to do: Start the assignment months in advance, finishing it in time to make several drafts and proof reads.

What you actually do: Procrastinate and work on it slowly until the night before it’s due in thinking that you’ve only got a few more words to write. Start working on it and realising that there’s much more to do than you think. Red bull and regular trips to the store make for a groggy night in the reading room.


Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/the-night-before-T7aKkq0tGPw8E

House meals

What you plan to do: Have regular house meals to get to know each other.

What you actually do: Attempt a Christmas meal in the Towers for 16 people. Discover that there’s not enough oven space for all of the food and you forgot to buy any vegetables. Get stroppy and decide that big house meals are just too stressful. Everyone agrees to settle on just cooking their own thing instead…

Don’t worry, although these are meant to be relatable stereotypes, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to them! Everybody is different and leads their own lifestyles, whether you’re a student or not! That said, if you really plan on not falling in to these stereotypes…good luck!

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