Where to Get Your Food Fix on Campus

Let’s face it, at some point in your uni life you’ll find yourself in a situation where the only things in the fridge are some gone off milk and something growing fur that you’re not actually quite sure what it is. What are you going to do? Yes, there’s Dominos, but sometimes even that gets boring and why wait for food to be delivered when there’s so much of it available on campus? Essex is full of places to get your grub for those times when you just can’t face the kitchen (and there will be more of those times than you think)!

On the menu today is a rundown of where to get your three meals a day on our Colchester Campus.


englishbreakfast The dream start to any day

It’s the most important meal of the day so you don’t want to go for this one halfheartedly. I do love a good fry up and The Canteen on Square 3 does a brilliant one. During exams when I would get up and come to study on campus early, I’d treat myself to a breakfast from The Canteen to really make sure revision paid off! If you fancy something smaller then the SU Bar is where you need to go. You can just get some toast or a bacon buttie then head to Starbucks for a morning pick me up.



So, your morning lectures are all done and your tummy’s started rumbling, it must be lunchtime! There are so many options for lunch on campus, whether you’re after a big meal or just a snack to get you by, you can bet that there’ll be somewhere you want to go. My personal favourites for a good lunch are the SU Store and the No. 64. That said, the SU Store does a bargain meal deal which includes a sandwich, some crisps and a drink. I also usually pick up a cheeky bar of chocolate. The No. 64 is a bus, yes we do have a big red double decker bus in the middle of campus and it serves delicious pies! Coming from the North, I do miss some good old chips and gravy from time to time and the No. 64 is where I head to get my fix. They also do bangers and mash! What more could you ask for?



After a long hard day at uni, you deserve a good dinner and there’s no shortage of choice. If you want to spice up your life then head to Fusion. Fusion offers up a selection of foods from all over the world including Asia, Mexico and Greece. I usually go for one of the burgers, but I also have it on good authority that the burritos are great. Fusion shares the same space as Top Bar so after you’ve eaten you can always stay for a drink and try your hand at a bit of darts. Now, you’ve been to Nandos, but can it really match up to Frangos? When your friend looks at you knowingly as you wonder what to have for dinner and they say “fancy a sneaky Frangos?” you know they’re a keeper. Frangos offers up an abundance of chicken dishes, none of which I can fault. Although I am a bit of a wimp and usually go for the garlic and herb marinade. The sides, particularly the wedges, are also amazing.

Bonus: Dessert

qcvpk9g How we all feel when someone brings us food

We can’t end without mentioning some things you can grab if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth. Our new venue for this year at Essex, Base (the bar formerly known as Level Up), serves up some legendary milkshakes (go for the Oreo one, you won’t regret it). Also the SU Bar should be offering some desserts this year. Last year a friend and I really fancied some warm chocolate cake but the SU Bar didn’t serve desserts so we submitted a student idea to the SU and we were successful! So go forth and eat your way through your Essex degree!


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