The people who will change your life at uni

Everyone’s first year is different, but it’s a time that you will always remember as being one of the most amazing and unique periods of your life. No matter how good or bad the day might feel, the friends you make in your first year are some of the best friends you’ll ever have.

For me, my first year would have been tough without them. And perhaps, I could have never enjoyed these special moments that shaped the way I am right now without each and every one of them.


My first year at university gave me the most intense feelings I’ve ever had until now. I’ve found the path I want to follow further, I’ve experienced different sorts of new things, I studied hard for my courses, I’ve fallen in love. I’ve always considered that when the time comes I must be prepared to face all the difficulties that life throws at me. It took me almost a year to understand that I’ve always had help when I needed it the most and that help came from people who had nothing to gain, but they still stood by my side. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank them properly. Due to them, I grew up stronger and thankful to all the things that influenced my growth.

I will share with you some wonderful moments that reminded me that there are people who can make you feel special and can see the potential in you even when you don’t see it yourself. You come to appreciate people deep inside your heart though you’re too stubborn and proud to tell them that. There was one time right before Christmas when I didn’t go home and I had to spend it alone on campus. Pretty sad, huh? I was already used to the idea that I would spend Christmas alone watching TV series until a flatmate insisted in coming with him to his family and to spend Christmas there. I had an amazing time though I’ve never admitted that, and even though we argue all the time, we are somehow best friends: we spend days procrastinating and nights panicking about the lack of time to study. We share food and stupid stories. We take away our boredom and loneliness. Sometimes things do not work and being an adult allegedly means taking up responsibilities. But then, these people come and make your life really special.


Another thing that changed me is the environment. The things you do can define you to an extent. But the influence of people on you can change who you are so drastically. You might realise one day that a lecturer’s speech deeply inspired you. Or, maybe a colleague from work that encouraged you when you were still learning to do your job properly. You might have thought that you weren’t working hard enough but those people could see that you were giving your best.

After all I’ve said, I have to admit that sometimes I’m afraid I have changed too much, but when I remember these special people I no longer regret anything. I’m glad that they were there when not even I knew I needed them. That simple thing changed my life in a way, though, they may never know. Maybe I too have changed someone’s life in a good way, though I might never realise it. Even then, I hope I may keep noticing because hopefully as I observe and change, someone might  change with me.

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