Jobs on Campus: What a Frontrunners placement is and what it involves

Looking for a job on campus?


Frontrunners is an excellent placement scheme that the University of Essex provides to students. It is a paid job on campus that fits around your uni timetable and your studies, so it is a great way to earn a bit of cash!

It involves working within a sector of the university and helps you to build skills and experience for your CV, so you are more prepared to go in to a full-time job once you graduate. There are many different placements available, so you could get one that ties in with your university course.

Not only will you gain valuable experience, but you can also see what you like or don’t like within a role, which will give you more of an idea about what you want to do when you finish university. For example, you may love working in an office or you could hate it!

Have a look at this video below from a student from the University of Essex and see how she enjoyed her Frontrunners experience!

Frontrunners: Anda on her research placement from University of Essex on Vimeo.

What is the difference between a Frontrunner and Frontrunner Plus placement?

A Frontrunner placement can only be done once. Once you have had one you can only apply for Frontrunner Plus placements from then onwards.

Anyone can apply for a Frontrunner Plus placement and you do not have to have had a Frontrunner placement before. They involve more responsibility and the pay is more, so it is an opportunity to develop your skills further.

My experiences

I was a Frontrunner during the summer holidays at the university. I worked on the Student’s Union reception as a Marketing and Admin Frontrunner. I learned so many new skills that will help me in the future and it has given me some idea of what jobs I should apply for once I graduate, as I learned more about what I enjoy doing.

I then applied to do a Frontrunner Plus placement and I got the job in the SU Sports Office as a Sports Social Media Frontrunner. I am currently still working on this placement, which lasts until next April, which is great as I will then have more time to study for my exams and it is furthering my marketing knowledge and skills.


I would totally recommend having a look on the website below for positions that are currently being advertised to start in November. The deadline for this round of Frontrunners is Friday 14th October at 12 noon!

Good luck!


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