The Whistler – Micro Horror Story

The woods surrounding us were silent, almost dead in the darkness. The fire burned slowly to the sound of horror. “So when you hear a whistling so close that it pierces your ears” he was wrapping up his story “it actually means that It is far away” he lowered his voice “but if you hear It whistle far away, you might wanna shut your eyes and start praying” now almost whispering “for It is sitting next to you, ready to lick your skin with its hairy tongue” He smiled wide, the reflection of the flames made his teeth somewhat bigger and pointier. I felt uncomfortable around this stranger. “Good that I found you here tonight then” I said uneasily “to protect me”. His smile faded, he turned his face towards the tents. I then asked a question I’d forever regret: “so this whistling… What does it sound like exactly?” To what he replied still looking away “Something like this…” First, the blowing extinguished the campfire. The sound he made was so loud that I felt my head was going to explode. When I uncovered my ears, my hands were dripping in blood. “Dom, what da f…” I said to him, but he wasn’t there anymore. I looked around, all his stuff had vanished as well. Suddenly I heard a faint tune in the distance. I dropped to my knees and closed my eyes: “our father, who art in heaven…”

By Antonio Vivas.

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