7 things to do with your new flatmates

Chances are, if you’re a first year then you’ve just moved in with a bunch of strangers into University accommodation. Whilst it seems like it might just look like a few people shoved into a room to live together, these people may well go on to become your best friends over the next few years. After living in Towers during my first year, here’s a few of my favourite things to do with your new housemates…

Talk in the kitchen

It may sound simple but it’s the oldest trick in the book! By just sitting in the kitchen and talking to whoever is in there can be a great way to get to know people and create the best memories. Before you know it, it’ll be a few hours later and a few world topics conquered!

Do something random. e.g. make up a game

Me and my flatmates invented tea pong when I lived in Towers. It was basically like beer pong but using tea bags and mugs instead of ping pong balls and beer. This might sound a bit weird and wacky but after a few hours in the kitchen, I’m sure you’ll be up to something similar!



When our flat mate Rhys was away for the weekend and left his door unlocked, a few of us couldn’t resist taking advantage of the situation… So we cling filmed his mattress, stuck toilet paper to his ceiling and generally created a lot of mess. It was all in good spirit though and we knew he would find it funny. Well… eventually!


Sorry (not sorry) Rhys…

Celebrating birthdays

If you live in Towers, then chances are there’s always going to be a birthday coming up and with it a reason to celebrate. Let your mind run wild, think of a theme, bake a cake (from all of your experience of watching bake off) and get everyone all of your friends round for a “social gathering”.


Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/party-excited-birthday-YTbZzCkRQCEJa

Take advantage of free sport at Essex.

Everyone loves free stuff? Well, sport at Essex costs you absolutely nothing. Just play sessions are particularly good as they don’t require any continued commitment. It’s a perfect opportunity to try something new, get out of the flat, get active! Whether its Hockey, Tennis, Basketball or Korfball, there’s a just play session for everyone!


Baking followed by bake off.

Something that always unites a lot of students at this time of year is the magic that is the Great British Bake off. It’s something that I’m still carrying on now in Australia. Having a baking session and then watching bake off whilst eating your treats sounds like the perfect night in if you ask me…

Grab a drink at the SU bar

If you just need to get out of the flat and do something, then just head down to the SU bar. Play game of pool, make a classic SU order of a snakebite and some mozzarella sticks and just have a chilled evening.

Go out for dinner at Frango’s; catch a film at cine 10; see a show at the Lakeside Theatre; explore the town of Colchester; navigate your way to Tesco and just have a walk around the aisles at 1am… the list is endless. Just don’t just squander all of your time in your room or in lectures all day!

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