What’s on – Hottest events this Autumn

Student life is the paradox of ages. After a night spent with other students talking about politics and how you can change the world under the influence of a few ciders, you wake up with a bit of a headache (and you must have a 9 am lecture) and the only food you have in is cereal. One thing comes to a student’s mind: That was so freaking worth it!

People say that students are lazy and sleep too much. Actually, nobody could keep up with the student life rhythm…except students…because they can. As a fresher, you really want to make the most of this crazy but incredible way of life.  So take a look at the upcoming events so you can make your experience unique.


Full Moon Rave – Can you survive till 6am?

Are you strong enough to resist, or I should say, sane enough? The full moon Rave is one of the most popular parties held at our university. Everyone is trying their best to stay up until morning. The struggle is real and the war is cruel. But if you do stay up until 6 am, you get a free t-shirt that’s almost as valuable as a medal of honour (at least among students).


The Halloween Ball

Another very popular event is the Halloween Ball. This is the only night when you can dress up in what you fear the most (though I didn’t see anyone dressed as Faser, or late submission coursework) and have the most amazing night this Autumn. I have to admit the party is rather more fascinating than scary, but this is one great way to make friends or strengthen new friendships. I would also recommend pumpkin juice to gain some courage. The night of the witches, werewolves and demons is too frightening to be spent by yourself. So, no matter what you plan to do, don’t stay alone!


Remember, remember the 5th of November

But on this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, to present you the Bonfire night on 5th of November. From my experience, I can say that this night is magic and full of life. It has something vivid and fascinating. Remembering a historical event makes you realise that you are a part of a continuous chain of events and you are as important as the past because of what you are – a full-time volunteer in this world progress. The fireworks shine over the lakes at night and the pyrotechnics game is full of mystery and magic. What I would recommend after the fireworks is to watch V for Vendetta just to be extra edgy.

You see, all these things are just stepping stones in your journey. At the end of the year, you will look back and remember how you survived a night of struggle in Sub-Zero, how you dressed as a fairy when everyone else went as Joker or Harley Quinn, and most importantly you’ll remember you’re here with a purpose. So go ahead, start building memories, and I am sure they will last a lifetime!

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