Micro-horror story: The Clown

Lucy and Beth stumbled up the steps, giggling as Lucy nearly fell on her face. It was 2am on Thursday morning and the girls had just had another good night out. As they started their journey home, they saw this figure start to approach them. To the girl’s surprise before them stood a clown. “A clown!” screamed Beth. Lucy started to laugh “Don’t be silly Beth, it’s just Josh trying to scare us” as she remembered Josh saying he was going to prank them. “Josh” shouted Lucy “It’s not going to work I’m not scared of clowns!”. The girls approach the clown, giggling more. But the clown didn’t say anything. It had some sort of object in its hand which was dripping. “Lucy” whispered Beth “Are you sure it’s Josh?!” But Lucy didn’t have time to reply. The last sound that was heard from the girl’s mouths were their piercing screams. And they were never seen again.

By Lauren Tribe

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