Why I love autumn and how to make the most of it

I’m one of those people who will always say that summer is the best season and there is nothing better than a bit of sun. But this year, although I still love summer, I am seeing reasons to love autumn too. Here I’m going to tell you why I love autumn, why you should love autumn, and how to make the most of it.


Source: http://www.abbeyhousehotel.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Autumn-Ball.jpg

Halloween outfit planning

One of the biggest events of autumn is Halloween. Our trick or treating days may be over, but now you’re at uni a new door has opened…going out to a Halloween themed night! Let’s not pretend you’ve been thinking about your outfit since you felt that first cold breeze in late September. First year I went quite basic as a cat. However I brought cat contact lenses and my boyfriend did leopard print makeup one side of my face, so I was a pretty cool cat.  This year I think I’m going to go for a more sugar skull look, like the picture below. If you want to do this halloween look heres a tutorial I found. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV2pyPAqBKQ


Source: http://img.wonderhowto.com/img/88/14/63581719832056/0/15-best-sugar-skull-makeup-looks-for-halloween.w1456.jpg

Pumpkin Carving

Another reason to love Autumn and Halloween is getting to carve pumpkins. This is a great activity you could do with your flat mates. Get a pumpkin each and carve different designs into the pumpkins! This is my pumpkin from last year based on Jack from Nightmare before Christmas.


Watching scary films

I hate scary films. I couldn’t think of anything worse than watching something which then means I have to sleep with a light on for 3 days. However,  Halloween is the only time you can get me to watch one. There’s something about this Season that makes it that little bit spookier, so watching at least one scary film seems appropriate. This year on Halloween (since it’s a Monday booo) I’ve been convinced to watch ‘light out’ so there’s me not sleeping for the first week of November.

Getting Cosy

I love when the weather gets colder because it means I can get cosy. It means getting my onsie and my mermaid blanket out and enjoy a cosy night in. I can also start getting out my boots and winter jumpers ready to wrap up warm. Netflix and chill it is.

Roast Dinners

During the summer in my household, most Sundays are spent having a bbq. I love a good old bbq but you’ve also got to love a Sunday roast too. In the last couple of weeks, my mum has decided the weather is cold enough to go back to the tradition of having a roast every Sunday. She has also decided why should we just have pigs in blankets at Christmas? So is now making her own pigs in blankets too, which is making the roast top notch.  I know at uni it may be hard to get a nice roast dinner, but I’m sure if you pop home your mum will cook you one! Also, there is always the option of going to a pub in Colchester to get your roast dinner fix!


Fireworks Night

‘Remember, Remember the 5th of November’, which means fireworks night! This means going out in all your fluffy hats, scarves and gloves while ‘oooing and awwwing’ at a beautiful firework display. The university also put on a fireworks display, so you don’t even need to leave campus to get your firework fix!


Source: Giphy

And Finally… The build up to Christmas!

Once you get to the end of November into December everything becomes christmassy. The decorations go up,  Mariah is back on the radio telling me I’m all she wants for Christmas and the cheesy christmas jumpers come out of the closest. There is so much going on. Catching up with family, going out for Christmas meals with friends and of course their is the univeristy Christmas ball! There is nothing I love more than getting cosy on the sofa, watching my favourite Christmas films and saying my diet will start again in the new year!


Source: Giphy

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