What’s in my backpack? A guide to essentials that students NEED


Today I am going to be blogging about what essentials are needed in your bag for every day use around uni. It is very easy to forget something, especially when you wake up 15 minutes before your lecture and are in a rush! Or you may be someone who over packs and brings absolutely everything that you don’t need. Hopefully this list will help you to remember what you absolutely need!

A diary

Without this I would be lost! If you are involved with a lot of things around campus then it is very useful to have a diary. For example, you could have sports training or a game, a society event to attend, work, a volunteering activity, a gym class, or meetings with your tutors or class teachers and this all goes on around your usual university lectures and classes! Therefore, knowing exactly what you are doing every day and at what time is key, so that you don’t miss out on anything.


A notebook

This is always useful to have in your bag. It is essential for lectures and classes to write notes, however if there is also something that you need to remember then a notebook is a great way to write something down quickly.

A pencil case

Having at least a pen in your bag is essential to write notes in lectures and classes. However, if you have some reading to do or highlighting, then different coloured pens and pencils are also useful to have. They make certain points stand out and help you to remember them more. Also, for some subjects you may need a calculator.


Your student card is likely to be kept in here, which is needed to tap in to every class and lecture. Also if you want to buy lunch or dinner on campus then you will need money.

Mobile phone

Most students can’t live without the anyway, so it is most definitely an essential item! If you don’t want to bring your laptop to uni, then it is a good way to look up certain articles quickly on Moodle, as well as using it to contact people and use social media.


A drink

I always keep a bottle of water in my bag to drink throughout the day. It saves me going to the shop and buying one every day, and it reminds me to have a drink whenever I look in my bag so I stay hydrated throughout the day.

Optional items:

  • Glasses – if you wear them.
  • Phone charger – some phones run out of battery a lot faster than others, so you may need to top up your phone charge throughout the day.
  • Snacks/lunch – in case you get hungry or don’t want to buy food on campus.
  • Laptop – if you find it easier to type notes on a laptop.computer-1330162_1280

I hope that this blog helps you to pack your bag for uni and that it is useful as a checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything! 🙂

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