My 5 favourite memories from first year

No other year at university is like first year. You don’t know anybody, you are put in halls with random people you’ve never met and yet it becomes one of the best years of your life! I will forever cherish my memories from first year. Here are some of my favourites.

The one with the beer Olympics

One of my flat mates came up with the idea we should have a beer Olympics. The idea was that we were randomly put into groups of 4 and given a country to represent. We would then compete in a number of drinking games and be given scores based on how well we did in the games. My team was Australia and…well…we came last. However it was great fun. As it was the day before my birthday, so when it hit 12am everyone started singing happy birthday. It was a great way to celebrate my 19th!


The one with crab gate

If you don’t know already, every Thursday there is a market on square 3. In the market is a stall that sells seafood, including crabs. So one day my flat mate had this crazy idea that actually he was going to buy a crab. Now if you know anything about cooking crabs, you’d know he’d brought a live crab. I’m not sure what his initial plan was but it became a bit of a pet. He was called Sebastian ( you know…like off little mermaid). It was a great conversation starter “Hey guys Shaun has brought a crab”. No one would believe you at first and then it would be like “Wait there’s a live crab in that box?”. As you would expect Sebastian ended up being cooked, but nevertheless it’s always one of my favourite stories to tell.

 The one with the paint party


As soon as I heard that the university was going to have a paint party I was so excited! I mean how cool does going for a night out getting splashed with paint sound?! I booked the weekend off work for it and my boyfriend came up to come along. The paint party is something I think everyone should experience, but once you have you probably won’t want to experience it again! When the first lot of paint came out everyone ran forward and in all the excitement a group of about 10 of us were all pushed to the floor. I even lost a shoe! But I powered on like a trooper. After the 4th lot of paint I decided it was time to go home. Shoe-less and very colourful I went home, happy to be able to have had my first (and probably last) paint party experience.

The one with the flat awards

So near the end of term, we thought it would be fun to have an awards ceremony. We came up with some topics and everyone secretly voted for who they thought should win each award. There were awards such as ‘Best couple’, ‘Most embarrassing moment’ and ‘The chunder chart award’. I don’t think I won an award which was probably a blessing. Remember to think about what you’re doing on a night out, because you may be nominated for an embarrassing award because of it!

The one where I went to summer ball

If you don’t know what summer ball is yet, it’s the event to celebrate the end of year. There is so much going on from fairground rides, to loads of different music acts, and even a silent disco (so much better than it sounds). It also just so happens that summer ball falls on/around my birthday, so it was my birthday night out. On a night out I’m generally the first one to go to bed, but at Summer ball I didn’t get home till 5am! The sun had started to rise and everything! The food is also amazing…barbecue chicken wrap and Nutella waffle.  Although, I probably regretted the second waffle the next morning. I would really recommend going to summer ball, it is pricey, but I loved every second!




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