Bonfire Night on Campus

Bonfire night on campus was a huge success this year. Despite the rain there was a great turnout! If you don’t know what Bonfire Night is it’s the anniversary of an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament, which was led by someone called Guy Fawkes. As a memory of this event we hold firework displays either at home or in a public area, such as a park.

At Essex, bonfire night was a free event that took place on Friday 4th November and was organised by the Student’s Union. The event began at 5pm, where there were stalls on square 5 for clubs and societies who wanted to promote or raise money. I helped to promote the stalls, as I am a Social Media Frontrunner for the university, so this got me even more intrigued to go along and see what was going on!

There were lots of stalls with games to win sweets, for example the Filipino Society had tongue twisters in Filipino and if you said them correctly you would win a sweet. The American Football Club had a game that was £1 for 3 goes, which was to help raise money for their club.

The fireworks began at 8pm and took place by the lake. People stood on the hill by the Ivor Crewe for the best view, but they could also be seen from some towers for those who wanted to stay in the warm! There was a DJ who played music whilst they were being set off. He also played music afterwards, which got a lot of people in the mood to go out that night! The whole event finished at 9pm and people headed home.

It was a great event to go to with your flat mates and especially to show international students what Bonfire Night is like in the UK because some haven’t experienced it before!

If you missed the display, you can watch it below!

Thank you Student’s Union for putting it on! 🙂

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