How Essex are you?

Do you think you know Essex? Can you tell the Hex apart from Happy Days? Blues from Base bar? Well let’s put it to the test to see how much Essex you really are…

1. Who is this little bundle of joy who has over 6,000 likes on their Facebook page?

Campus Cat


2. Which local painter famously painted Wivenhoe Park, the location of the now Colchester Campus?


3. How many years old is the University of Essex?


4. Which square is the psychology building on?


5. Which University is considered to be Essex’s main rivals?

derby day logo


6. How many towers were originally meant to be built on the Colchester Campus 

towers accommodation

A) 0-3

B) 4-6

C) More than 10


7. What is the University of Essex’s official university motto?


8. At Essex, we’re proud of being a University which welcomes students from over 100 countries. But what is the percentage between international and domestic students at the University?



9. A snakebite is a uniquely popular beverage for students at Essex. How much is a snakebite in the SU bar?



10. Our Loughton and Southend Campuses are home to which world-leading drama school?

loughton campus.jpg

A)West 16

B) East 15

C) North 17


11. What are these things around the Colchester campus? (Clue: there are 18 of them in total)



12: Which of these is not a catering outlet on the Colchester Campus?


A) Frango’s

B) Refresh

C) No.66


13: In 1970, Essex was the first University to create Nightline. Between which hours every night during term time is the service open to students?



14: The Safety bus is a popular and safe way to get home late at night. But how much does a single journey cost?

safety bus.jpg


15: Prince Charles once called the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall ‘a dustbin’. What is the capacity of this shiny silver building?



16: Which collection of art, based at Essex, is the only collection of its type in Europe?



17: Over the years Essex has been visited by many great bands and music artists including Pink Floyd. However which one of these bands has not played at the University?

pink floyd.jpg

A) The Kinks

B) The Smiths

C) Rolling Stones


18: The Albert Sloman Library is home to these unusual looking lifts, which have both puzzled and excited students for decades. What is the correct term for them?

library lift.jpg


19: On the Colchester Campus, it’s pretty easy to get lost trying to find your seminar room. So which App do students use to discover a room’s location?



20: The new home to the Essex Business school was built last year. But what is so special about the building?


A) The building’s wood was imported from Norway especially for the building

B) It’s the first Zero Carbon Business School in the UK

C) It was designed by a current Essex student



1: Campus cat

2: John Constable

3: 52 years (formed in 1964)

4: Square 1

5: UEA

6: C) More than 10

7: Thought the harder, heart the keener

8: 40% international / 60% domestic

9: £2.80

10:B) East 15

11: Frisbee golf holes

12: C) No. 66 (No.64 is the correct alternative)

13: 10pm-8am

14: £1

15: 1000 people

16: Latin American

17: The Rolling Stones

18: Paternoster lift

19: Find your way

20: B) It’s the first Zero Carbon Business School in the UK


So… How did you do?

0-9: Do you even know where Greenstead is? Looks like you’re just a UEA student in disguise…

10-14: Looks like you must be a fresher…. You may know a bit from reading the prospectus from cover to cover but you have a lot to learn yet…

15-20: Your blood must be red and purple because you’re Essex through and through! Celebrate by grabbing a drink in the SU bar or by taking a visit to Blues Bar!



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