The 5 weird things you will discover about yourself at Uni

The typical aim for a university student is to become a successful person and eventually achieve professional prosperity and accomplishments. But student life can often feel like the opposite of all of that…it is just pure randomness! Today I will tell you about 5 weird things you come to realise about yourself as a student.

Love for the most unusual things

One thing that a student observes in themselves is the projection of their own affection to a non-being. In other words, and more specifically, you’ll come to love your bed more than any other human being. This love is unconditional, especially before a 9 am lecture.


The ability to procrastinate

There are some things that you’ll feel you need to give all your attention and care. For instance, studying for your exams. When it comes to revision, it has to be a perfect day: not too sunny because you’ll want to go out, and not too rainy, so you don’t just want to hide under your duvet. However, before you can even think about sitting down and, you know, doing some work, you’ll start worrying about all these things that you  just have to get done first. You’ll suddenly feel the urge to clean your entire room, top to bottom. All the things you started previously simply must be finished before you can concentrate e.g. finishing that Netflix series that can’t possibly wait. Finally, when you’re done hiding under your duvet and telling Netflix that yes, you ARE still watching, you’ll decide you absolutely have to have a shower. These showers will be some of the longest of your life, because anything is better than revising right?! You’ll amaze yourself with the bizarre things you end up spending hours doing, just to avoid opening up that first text book. But the truth is, it’s just like ripping off a band aid. Once you start revising, it really isn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be. You chose to study this topic after all, so you’ve got to find it a little bit interesting!

Your desire to plan everything

Procrastination reaches its peak when planning is more time consuming than actually following the plan. As a student you’ll learn to be organised. Students love sticky notes, planners and anything colourful to help remind them of everything they need to get done. It’s not like you can’t remember it anyway, but it looks better on bright colourful paper. Unfortunately, all the sticky notes and highlighted calendars in the world won’t actually do the work for you and there’s only so many times you can say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, so your incredible organisation skills will have to be put to one side, while you work on your amazing essay writing skills!


Your cooking skills

If you were thought to be fussy when your mum was cooking for you, well…things change. Only the lucky ones of us never end up burning their food. After countless attempts at cooking fancier meals, you’ll come to realise that as long as the food is edible and there’s no high risk of dying after digesting it, then you can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll also discover, after loads of trials and errors, that food actually tastes good when you are the one to make it – and it tastes even better when you are cooking it with a friend.


Your talent for losing things

The last weird thing you’ll come to realise about yourself is this: you will lose your key card more often than you will to get up for a 9 am lecture. If you live on campus, that key card will make you raise your hands in the air and ask: “Why, dear god? Why?” more times than you will care to mention. Eventually, you’ll accept defeat and give up on even considering looking for it. It’s easier just to get a new one. But if you do ever find yourself locked out then not to worry! You just need to call security or just go to the information centre and get a new key. They will be very happy to come and open the door for you (even if you happen to lose it on a Saturday at 4 in the morning, ahem, not that I would know anything about that).

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