Secret Santa Present ideas for under £10

Secret Santa is the perfect opportunity to buy a Christmas gift for a friend, without spending an absolute fortune! How it works is that everyone’s names are put into a hat and you pull one out at random. You are that persons Secret Santa and you have to buy them a gift, with them having no idea you bought it!

The only problem is what type of present do you go for? A joke? A personalised gift? keep it safe? Keep reading if you want some ideas on some great secret Santa presents for under £10!



Keeping it safe

If you don’t know the person you have chosen very well then, it’s probably a good idea to keep it safe and get something a little more generic, like health and beauty gift sets.

  • Lynx Men Shower gel and Deodrant set £3.19 From B&M
  • Adidas Ice Dive Body Set £3.99 From B&M
  • CupCake Fizzers £2.49 From B&M
  • Style & Grace Spa Bath & Body Pamper set £8.92 From Tesco
  • Fruity Shower Gel Collection £3.95 From Superdrug

Superdrug, Boots and any Supermarket will sell many different sets!


Other Keeping It Safe Ideas

  • Reindeer Slipper Socks £4  From Superdrug
  • Chocolate sets! Do some digging and find out what type of chocolate the person you’re buying for likes. There are loads of different chocolate sets out there!
  • Alcohol sets! For example Koppaberg Mixed Fruit gift set £7 & Blossom Hill Rose Gift Set £5 Can be found here
  • Adult Colouring book From £2 At The Works
  • Blankets and Throws for their uni room! For example Red Snowflake £9.99 From B&M
  • Yankee Candle Votive Candle £1.80 At Yankee Candle


When you know them well…

 Is your secret Santa a fan of any big film or TV series? You could get them a present related to their beloved TV show!


Friend Shot Glasses

Joke & Fun Presents

Secret Santa is meant to be fun. If you know your Secret Santa would like a jokey present then there are loads great presents out there. Here are some ideas


Photo Gifts

Photo gifts are a great personal present that can show off some memories you have together! The only thing about a photo gift is it may be obvious it was you that brought it!

So, there are my Secret Santa ideas for under £10! I hope you’ve found something that will suit the person you are buying presents for!


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