Staying on campus for Christmas

After such exhausting activities during term time, the winter holiday is the perfect time to sit back and relax. Most of the students living on campus leave and only a few of them either decide to stay or have to stay if their home is too far away.

The campus becomes really quiet during winter, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still nice to stick around and enjoy the activities put on by the University and the Student Union. For some, this is the first Christmas spent away from their family, so it has to be a great experience.


Whilst campus is quiet over the holiday period, Christmas creates a kind of bond between the people who spend it together. It’s really nice to drink some mulled wine, maybe watch a Christmas film, and to enjoy the festive season together.

I remember last year I decided to stay on campus over Christmas to save some money. Back then it all looked so dreary; it was my first Christmas away from home and I didn’t really know what to expect. But somehow it ended up being one of the best holidays I have ever had!

What made it great for me was the presence of a good friend. We were the only ones left in the whole flat so we ended up spending all our time together, doing random things and talking about where life would take us. Christmas is that time of the year that makes each of us want to be better people, so what I recommend is, find someone to spend it with. If you don’t have any friends left on campus, that doesn’t mean you should spend it by yourself. There are so many people that are just looking for a person to chat with. And this is where uni comes in handy. Every year they organise Christmas festivities that are perfect to meet people or just make you feel a tiny bit closer to home.

One of these is Christmas Fair; the SU organises this event every year, which brings loads of societies together in the square providing hot drinks and sweets. I have met so many wonderful people during from the Christmas fair! Additionally, if you don’t feel like cooking over the holidays, the Canteen does a Christmas Dinner on the 20th of December and the food is really nice. I got a takeaway last year and it was so good. Another thing that I remember is Christmas movie screening, done by the SU in Cine10. It’s a very nice way to spend your afternoon and get into the Christmas spirit. Last year I brought some mulled wine at the film, without them noticing (shh don’t tell anyone!) and it made it so much better.

Christmas is a wonderful part of the year and I am sure you will enjoy it, but it would be a pity to do it alone. Find someone, anyone, and spend it together with them. I assure you, it will be so much better!

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