How to sleigh: the 3 ugliest Christmas jumpers this year

Christmas is shortly upon us and guess what that mean… It’s that time of the year again when everyone dresses up in the ugliest Christmas jumpers they have.  I am the proud owner of 7 Christmas jumpers, so I thought to myself, hmm… this is a very good opportunity to share with you some of the worst jumpers I came across as I was doing my Christmas shopping. So, here we go!

Number 3


*When the photo shoot is over and you finally get to scratch your back*

Number 2


The birth of Jesus Christ. This is what happens when you are Christian but you love the Santa outfit way too much .

Number 1


*When all the Hannah Montana’s jumpers are sold out but you still want to wreck Christmas*

So, here you go, the worst jumpers you can possibly give someone this year! I am very tempted to buy the Miley Cyrus one for one of my friends but I have a feeling it might not end well for me. Stay safe y’all, enjoy Christmas, and remember; if you ever see one of these jumpers, run for your life!

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