What it is like going home after 3 months at uni – the good, the bad, and the ugly

So the John Lewis advert has aired. And (my personal favourite) the Coke-Cola adverts are on T.V. That means only one things: Holidays are coming!


Give yourself a pat on the back as you’ve survived the first term and will hopefully take a well earned rest during the Christmas break- or as is the case with me trying to juggle relaxing with writing two 4,000 word essays (Merry Christmas to me!)

For many the thought of going home over this period is a highlight of the year but while it can be nice it can also be strange and struggle to adjust.

The Good: Getting back to the real world

Perhaps your life at uni has consisted of walking between lectures, seminars, the library, the SU bar, the supermarket and your university accommodation. So it is nice to be able to leave it all behind and remove yourself from the bubble that is campus. There is life away from uni – who would have thought it.

The Bad: You’ll probably still have work to do

Holidays take on a slightly different meaning when at uni. Unfortunately, reading and essays still need to be done. But does it mean that you should arrive home and go “Hi mum. Here’s my dirty washing. I’ve got work to do, so I’ll see you on Christmas day!”

The Ugly: Prepare to clash

3 months is a long time to be away from your old lifestyle. If you are going back to live with family (or even friends) prepare for a few clashes and arguments. It is inevitable, but remember they will have developed a new routine in the same way that you will have developed one at uni.

The Good: Taste of home

Nothing beats home cooked food. Perhaps you have survived thus far on ready meals and pot noodles, but going home means the possibility of proper food that isn’t brown or grey (or perhaps I’m not cooking it correctly!)


The Bad: You may have to work for it

Don’t think you’ll get off lightly. The likelihood is you may have to earn the privilege of having someone cooking for you and sometimes saying that you have work to do is not good enough. At least do some tidying, empty the dishwasher or take the rubbish out in order to show that you are contributing, after all, it’s your families Christmas break too.

The Ugly: The dilemma

Quite possibly the worst part of going home is the inevitable dilemma that comes from either wanting to desperately get back to uni or never wanting to return to uni. Seems strange, but everyone gets it. Going home reminds you of all the comforts you had before uni, but at uni you lead your own independent life where you are fully in control. Either way, returning to uni makes you realise just how good you have it and, no matter how great it might be at home, nothing beats that feeling of coming back to your new home and knowing that this place and your experience here are entirely yours.

The Good: Reunited and it feels so good

Nothing beats being back with the ones you know and love. In most cases they see being at uni as a type of adventure, so prepare to talk about your wonderful experiences- after 3 months I’m sure you’ll have plenty.

Have a great Christmas, with all the good, the bad, and the ugly thrown in!

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