The Top 7 Things That Everyone Should Do This Winter

Sometimes it can be hard to think what to do during winter, since its cold and the only thing you really want to do is curl up in bed all day. In this blog I’ve got some ideas of how you can spend your free time during December, January and February!

1. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is an event that is put on every year over the Christmas period in Hyde Park London. It is free entry and you can choose from a range of activities such as Ice Skating, Big Wheel, Magical Ice Kingdom, watching shows, rides and a Christmas Market. It goes on till the 2nd of January, so plenty of time once uni finishes for Christmas to go down! I will be going early December and I know it’ll be one of the highlights of my Christmas! Find out more about it here



2. Ice Skating

A great winter activity is Ice Skating! It’s one of those activities I think everyone should try at least once! Personally, when I went I was terrible and spent way more time on the floor! But I am attempting it again at winter wonderland. If you don’t feel like going down to winter wonderland to ice skate, a lot of city’s have ice rinks this time of year and there is an Ice Skating ring in Chelmsford. They put on different events such as freestyle skating and a disco in the evenings! Check it out here



3. Make your own Hot Chocolate

At least once this winter you should attempt to make your own luxury hot chocolate! There is nothing more I love than getting snuggly and warm, drinking one of these and watching a Christmas film! See a recipe here



4. Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is very popular day out for us Brits (Yes we like to live up to our stereotype!). It involves lots of cups of tea (or hot drink of your choice) served with a range of sandwiches, scones and mini cakes! They do afternoon tea at a variety of places in Colchester and even Wivenhoe house so you don’t have to leave campus! This could be a great idea for if your mum wants to come and visit you at uni.

Depending on where you go it can be expensive so you could bring afternoon tea to the flat! You and your flat mates can buy a range of cakes, scones etc. and you could make your own hot chocolates, teas,coffees. Have a very British afternoon!



5. Movie Day

Winter is all about not wanting to go outside. A movie day is the perfect activity for this and an excuse to wrap up in a blanket or stay in bed. It is also involves no spending money  (apart from snacks). Round up the flat mates, decide on some classic films to watch, grab some snacks and you’ve got yourself a movie day!


6. Jump Street

If you feel like you’ve had enough lazy days and enough hot chocolate and teas to last you till summer, why not try Jump Street? This is an indoor trampoline park in Colchester. Not only is a great day out with all your uni mates, it is also a great way to lose some of that extra Christmas weight. Find out more information here



 7. Pancake Day

Lets not forget that in February, there is the most important day of the year for food lovers.. pancake day! This year is falls on 28th Feb. This is the day that you basically eat your body weight in pancakes with toppings of your choice! My favourite is nutella, strawberry and banana. This is a great night for all your friends to get together and get flipping! If you don’t know how to make pancakes don’t worry.. Tesco always have made up pancake mix with instructions!



I hope this blog has helped to give you some ideas on how to enjoy winter! Just remember the cold weather doesn’t last forever!

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