How to make the most of the Christmas Holidays

Over Christmas we have a month off.. That’s right a whole month! Of course we could just hibernate, watch a lot of Netflix and eat our body weight in Christmas food.. but that’s not a productive way to spend the holidays, despite how much much you might want to. We’re at university now and, as much as we say we’re not, we are kind of adults now. And adults have responsibilities. With a whole month off there is a lot of time to be productive and get things done!

Catching up with friends and family

For anyone who is lucky enough to be able to go home over Christmas, the best thing is being able to catch up with family and friends. Most of my friends are also at uni so it means we are all in the same town for once! It means going out for a Christmas meal, celebrating new years together and usually squeezing in a few cheeky nights out before we all start back! Over Christmas I also have more time to go see family, always making sure to go visit my great grandma and seeing various family members throughout the Christmas period.

girls-7 Studying

Every Christmas I’ve always had some sort of studying to do. Whether it is an essay to write or an exam to revise for, you’ve always got to remember to keep on top of studying! This year I have January exams and dissertation data to collect, so that will keep me busy over the holidays! Set out a plan of what work you need to do over Christmas and when you’re going to do it. Don’t give yourself 3 weeks off and then remember that exam you’ve got on the first Monday back!

A good plan, if you’re work load isn’t too bad, is to spend the first week of the holidays doing work, then give yourself a week or 2 off between Christmas and new year to celebrate and see friends and family. Then spend the last week getting back into your uni work!



Earn some much needed cash

The Christmas period is always a great time to earn some money. If you don’t have a job, it could be a good idea to apply for Christmas temp jobs just to get you some extra money over the Christmas period! By now all the Christmas jobs are likely to be taken, but this is definitely something to think about for next Christmas. If you already have a job like me and just stick to weekend hours, it’s a good time to get some overtime in. If you work in retail they will definitely need extra help over Christmas, so talk to your manager about getting some extra hours!


Source: Giphy

Enhance your CV

Are you involved in the big Essex award? Or do you want to enhance your CV? Then why not do some volunteering over the break. Finding the time to do some volunteering when you’re back uni can be really tricky when you’ve got so much to do, so while you have a month off it’s a great time to organise some volunteering. Check out and Vteam for possible volunteering opportunities.

Remember to enjoy the holidays!

Of course being uni students we all have studying to do and bills to pay, but remember the holidays are also a break and a time to de-stress and relax. Make sure you give yourself some time off and don’t feel guilty for hibernating for a couple days of the holidays!


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