My Christmas Studying Abroad

Cold weather. Warming up with hot drinks by the fire place. Venturing out to pick a Christmas tree.

When you think of Christmas you often think of these seasonal traits.

But without the cold weather and excuse to wrap up warm, Christmas would be quite different.

Out here in Australia, the Christmas trees are now going up, shop windows are full of Christmas displays but it’s not “beginning to feel like Christmas” as per usual. With the 30 degree summer heat and different traditions, the festive season so far does seem a bit odd.

One of Brisbane’s attempts of “Christmas in the sun”: an oversized Christmas decoration
Normally in the UK, I would have already been playing Michael Bublé’s Christmas album on repeat for the past few weeks, but out here it just seems a bit odd… Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not enjoying being in Australia, it’s just interesting seeing how different Christmas is down under.
As its currently the Summer break in Australia, I’m  currently doing a bit of travelling over the Christmas break so for the big day itself, I’ll actually be in Queenstown, New Zealand this year.
I haven’t got anything planned for the big day in particular yet but from the looks of it, a BBQ by the lake in the summer heat seems likely!

Whilst I know this Christmas won’t be the same as usual this year, it’ll be exciting and definitely one to remember.

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