Do’s and dont’s for when you go home this Christmas

After a few weeks of non stop assignments and long days in the library, the end of term is finally in sight!

4 weeks await of awkward family interaction and Christmas film watching! Sounds great right?! However it’ll all be over before you can finish the “falalala’s” in deck the halls.

So here are my do’s and don’ts to make the most of the Christmas break…

Do organise your work and don’t leave things to the last minute.

Whilst they officially call it a vacation, it’s extremely likely that you’ll have assignments to do and exams to revise for.

Therefore it’s a good idea to make a schedule before you do anything. If you’re not sure where to start then plan when you’re going to do all of your fun stuff and go from there!


Do some paid work

Whilst ideally you actually do want some rest, see if you can get your old part time job back for a few weeks whilst you’re in the area. It might make next term’s budget a tad easier!

Don’t lock yourself in your room for a few weeks. Spend time with family and friends!

Probably the most important thing to do if you’re lucky enough to go home for the festive season is to see all of the people you don’t see at University. Whilst it may be annoying to be living under Mum’s rules again, having meals cooked for you and not paying bills is surely a massive plus!

Do the traditions you do every year

Whether it’s a Christmas day walk or a pre Christmas trip to town, make sure you do all of the traditions which make you feel Christmassy. If you don’t have any traditions then you could always start some this year!


Do buy your presents early!

If you’re unorganised then you should really get this done soon. You’ve probably looked at gift ideas whilst procrastinating anyway, so it surely won’t take too long!

Do make some goals for the new year.

Although your resolutions from this year probably didn’t last beyond January 4th, try making some goals for the new year that you think you could actually achieve. Whether it’s joining a society, or going on holiday, it’s good to have an idea about what you want before the year begins.

Or if making goals isn’t your thing then make some predictions for 2017. Seal it in an envelope and put them in with your Christmas decorations so that this time next year, you can see how many of them you got right and how many you weren’t even close to achieving.

Have fun, do some studying and get in the festive spirit!

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