New Year, Healthier You

The new year is nearly here! So it probably means for the 5th year in a row you’re going to eat healthy and do lots of exercise and get that summer body you’ve always dreamed of right? Only to find by the 3rd week of January that bag of chocolate was far to tempting…and that’s the diet over with this year.

Being healthy and feeling better in yourself doesn’t mean going on a really strict diet and getting up and going for runs every morning. It just involves small life changes that can make you feel better in  yourself! Here are my hints and tips to get healthy this new year!

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Drink more water

Cut out the fizzy drinks and start drinking more water! 1 glass of fizzy usually have nearly 50% of the recommended daily sugar. Where as drinking water can relieve headaches, help weight loss and helps brain function!

Water can get boring and although plain water is best, flavoured water can add a bit more interest into your diet! Even better, flavour your water with fresh fruit such as strawberries and raspberries. You can buy bottles that will help you do this.

Healthy Pledge 1: Drink more water!


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Keeping active

Don’t worry, this isn’t the bit where I tell you you should be getting up at 6am and going for runs.. lets be realistic, no ones going to do that! It is recommended though, that we get 150 minutes of moderate activity &  spend 2 times a week doing strength workout. Here are my tips of how to get active this new year.

  • Join the gym: I know I said the dreaded ‘g word’! But joining the gym is good for keeping fit because there is access to a lot of equipment and resources you don’t have at home! From treadmills, to weight machines and daily classes, there is no excuse not to keep active with a gym membership!
  • Fitness Classes:  If you don’t have the money for a full gym membership there are plenty of fitness classes that you can pay for! There are so many out there such as Zumba, cycle fit, boxfit etc. Find out more about fitness classes on campus here.
  • Walk more: Taking a trip to Tesco?  Live 20 minutes away from campus? Don’t get the bus.. walk! Last year I lived 25 minutes away from campus and walked in every day. This always made me feel so much fitter.

Healthy Pledge 2: Get 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week in!


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5 a day

Getting in your 5 fruit and veg a day is very important. Do you even know what is included? Soups, dried fruit and sweet potato are all included in your 5 a day! Made yourself a bowl of sweet potato fries last night? Or had some baked beans on toast? Yeah, they count.Get more info here.

A a great way  to get your 5 a day is to make fruit salads with your lunch. I chop up 3 of my favourite fruits together and put in a bowl. So for example strawberry, raspberry and grapes or banana, watermelon and apple. I think this is a nicer way to eat fruit and I’ve already had 3 of my 5 a day for lunch! Each week I’ll buy a different variety of fruit to have for lunch!

Healthy Pledge 3: Eat your 5 a day


Source: Popsugar

Pack a lunch

9am start? And again you didn’t get up early enough to pack a lunch, so guess its a store meal deal again.. or even some fries from happy days. But you should really make the effort to pack your own lunch every morning/evening before a long day at uni. Even if you think you’re being healthy by getting a meal deal over fries you’re not. Pre packed sandwiches have a lot of fat in that are not good for you. Not just that, but a loaf of bread is £1 from Tesco and can last you a week. Spending £3 on a meal deal every day is £15 a week. That is a lot of money to waste out of laziness.

Healthy Pledge 4: Take a packed lunch


Source: HomemadeByYou

Making small lifestyle changes doesn’t take a lot of effort or money. All it takes is simple tips to live a healthier lifestyle. I hope this motivates you to be healthy this new year and get yourself that summer body!

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