The best and the worst of 2016

It’s almost the end of the year, which means a whole year passed and we grew up but the speed and the intensity of some moments in 2016 have probably changed us for life. This  year has shaped our thinking, our environment and, in  our lives in the near future. I decided to create a list of good and bad moments in 2016 that I felt affected me the most.

I became a member of residence life

After one year spent at Essex I became really close to its sense of a family community, so I decided to get involved and help others. ResLife was a good start. I had the chance to develop my skills and make so many friends in such a warm environment. While I was a bit tense and pretty nervous at the beginning, I became friends with all my hall residents. We had lots of fun together and almost didn’t feel the past two months pass by.


The most emotional moment and long awaited event in 2016, after “Me before you”, was Leonardo di Caprio winning the Oscar. To be honest, I think I would have given Leo the Oscar when he starred in Titanic. But I guess he realised that not even his death is enough to give him the prize! Eventually, he came back, as a revenant, and ‘of horse’ he had to win. Talent and hard work have been rewarded after such a long time when others would have lost their hope. This motivated me to work hard, despite any set backs.



It’s terrible to bring up so many memories especially when they were not very pleasing. Politics disappointed us all. Whether we understand or not, this affected us. Two main events that not only made us concerned but also surprised us, were Brexit and Trump being elected president. Sounds and feels like a lot to take in. Some people were angry, some were pretending to be indifferent and, of course, some were pleased. Some say the end of the world is coming, others sit and like memes about it all. Brexit wasn’t serious until it happened, and Trump was funny until…well, until it wasn’t.


Uni work.

The old saying ‘Deadlines are coming’ is used by a great deal of students.  Some students have 2 deadlines in a day and never enough time to finish. This is the time when Faser is not to be trusted for its speed, and the amount of unhealthy food, coffee and energy drinks are at dangerously high levels. But neither of these are your main problem. You calculated your study time to every second, including the time spent on toilet scrolling on 9gag.  If you study 10 days, 10 hours each day,  you could easily finish everything. Cut the sleep to get extra time. And guess what happens?! You start both of your assignments in sweat and tears, a day before the deadline. Guess what happens next? That morning you wake up with the worst flu you’ve had in 200 years. The pain is increasing and the struggle is real. You cry every time you look at your bed because you know you have to stay awake until you finish. Skipping this torture, you end up at 8 o’clock, two hours before deadline, with 2 masterpieces. Not really, but you still submit them. Now we are safe. The flu lasted for another 3 days. Luckily no upcoming deadlines. That was intense.

So here we are few weeks until Christmas and the term’s end is quickly approaching. Nothing to worry about. I mean…what other worse could happen in the remaining time of this year? Right?!



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