Campus during Winter Break

This will be my second Christmas far away from my family and friends.  Although not spending Christmas Break at home with the ones you love might seem scary at the beginning, it is not at all as daunting as it may sound. Looking back now, I can say that I really enjoyed spending last Christmas in Colchester, so I decided not to go home for Christmas this year.

If you are among the ones spending the winter holiday on campus remember that you have no reasons to feel lonely. There are many other students who choose to do the same, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people?

While spending the holiday on campus last year and seeing pictures from home I was slowly starting to regret my decision. However, while wondering around campus I met a surprisingly large number of students from my home country who were in a similar situation. We ended up having an amazing time, celebrating both Christmas and New Year’s together. I organized everything from the Christmas tree to traditional food in the same way I used to do every year with my family and for the first time being so far away from them I started to feel like home.

To make things better, Student’s Union organizes a wide variety of events throughout the Winter Break. There will be some Christmas Parties, movie screenings in Cine10 as well as board games and pool tournaments. Those who enjoy travelling and seeing new places were not forgotten either. SU organises day trips to Cardiff, Winder Wonderland, Oxford and Cambridge throughout this time.  And let’s not forget about what Colchester has to offer. Some coffee and hot chocolate always make things better!  There are many amazing coffee shops and restaurants out there which give a warm welcoming Christmas feeling.


So explore Colchester, try new things, see new places and make the best out of this Christmas!


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