Undecided about studying abroad?

At the moment, my life consists of travelling across Oceania and Asia during the summer break on my year abroad.
In fact right now, I’m writing this blog post whilst waiting to fly to New Zealand!
It’s weird to think that this time last year I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to do a year abroad or not.
I signed up to have a year abroad included with my course all the way back when I did my UCAS, and to be honest it just sounded like a cool idea.
I didn’t really think too much of it, I just thought I would add it onto my course because it sounded exciting. Going away and living somewhere completely new for a year sounded perfect after growing up in a sleepy English village.


However around this time last year, I had to decide whether I was actually going to do this or not.
In making my decision, what frustrated me the most is that you mainly only hear about the good side about doing a year abroad. It’s the stuff people want to shout about. Everyone tells you the best things but it’s often difficult to get the full picture.
But it’s a daunting choice to make no matter what way you look at it. There’s so much uncertainty and deliberation involved: it shouldn’t be a decision that is made lightly…


I for one wasn’t 100% sure about doing a year abroad until around December in my second year. I had to choose between staying in my student house for another year or taking the plunge and commit to a year away.
A good thing which helped me with my decision was a pro and con list about doing a year abroad.
One of the main things I found from this was the people that I would be leaving behind. Apart from saying goodbye to my family and friends, I thought that if I did a year abroad then I would be returning without all of my graduating friends. I felt as if I needed to complete my university journey with the people I started it with.
However, I looked at the pro side and it was just too tempting to resist. I would never have such an easy opportunity to drop everything and just experience something completely insane.


It’s a tough decision and it’s not something that you can just decide overnight. But consider the chances you’ll have to do something similar again.
If you can live with missing out on the chance, then go ahead and give it a miss.
But if you can’t resist a chance to see the world for yourself and take a risk then you better start researching!

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