New Year’s Resolutions

Despite what all the things that happened this year, we changed. We accessed knowledge throughout time and we continued a long process of growth. We gained experience and memories. Everyone complains about 2016. “It’s been a bad year! Everything Went wrong”. Not really. Just because we were witnesses to what happened that does not truly define us. We discovered powers and resources within us that cleared our path, and we fought, stubbornly focused on our cause.


It’s true, some things went wrong. The journey was almost terrifying, but we almost made it. Right now our mission is to make sure those mistakes never happen again. Even though, ironically, we always seem to learn more from our mistakes than from our achievements.

As a student, I realised that hard work is paid in long run, and the results are not always that high as we expected. I learnt that asking for help in order to improve is alright. I learnt to work with others and to joke with people that have the same sense of humour that I have. This year I could experience both freedom and fear. The thrills are still running on my spine and make me smile because I know that this year I’m stronger and more prepared to work on my abilities. That’s what I learnt in 2016. To take full responsibility for my choices, to relax and think carefully, to spend time with my friends, to be hopeful.

However, the state in which the world left us is quite worrisome. Global warming, Syria conflicts, Trump, Brexit. We had everything. 2016 showed me that everything is possible, and everything is predictable if you open your eyes for a moment. As a second-year student, I feel more confident, but more cautious at the same time. I find it fascinating how the world is able to create such a nice composition of elements. It’s both a surprise and a moment to remember.

But let us not worry, ahead awaits 2017, a promising year (hopefully!)  🙂

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