Is there life after the Christmas break?

Christmas is over and the start of term is nearly here, so I bet there are lots of us out there wondering: is there life after Christmas?

We sadly have to wake up and smell the early mornings:  the winter break is gone and now, the next term is soon to start. Time may start to go a little slower as lectures and seminars recommence and Christmas will start to become a distant memory. But are things really that bad?  For the start of a new year, I think it’s important to remember that every day can be a pleasant time if you fully concentrate on the moment making each of those moments important in our life. In the end, this is what life is about: to live and appreciate the world.


As a student, this can feel tricky. You probably have to hand in some assignments right on the first day of the term, the first 9 am of the week is a mission impossible and you’re no Tom Cruise, and rather than enjoying some tasty home-cooked food like you’ve had for the past few weeks, you now have to actually fend for yourself and no matter how hard you try, your cooking NEVER tastes as good as your mum’s!


It’s true, it is tricky. But all you need to do is to look at things from a different perspective. It takes just a mental effort to wake up from your melancholy.

You have the chance to come back and start your year off right. Take care of yourself;  get up a little earlier, stroll on to campus and enjoy the beauty of a winter morning; treat yourself to tasty ingredients and try a new recipe; grab a friend and go for a jog (if nothing else, it makes for a good laugh!).

There is so much fun that’s waiting for you, new challenges and so many new things to discover.

And if by chance, none of these suggestions makes you feel better, just remember, Christmas is coming anyway in approximately 50 weeks 😉

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