Some of the best societies to join, depending on your personality

Now that Christmas holidays have come to an end you may find yourself missing friends from home, not knowing what to expect for the remainder of the year at Uni. Joining a society is a great way to meet students with similar interests, to take your mind off deadlines and assignments and to enrich your student experience.

What are the benefits of joining a society?

  • societies aim to bring students with similar interests togeher
  • they organise socials, trips and other academic events
  • provide you with support and information on academic and non-academic matters


Worrying that there is nothing out there for you?

There are seven convenes in the Student’s Union Societies Guild, which gather together over 100 societies. The convenes are Activities, Arts, Cultural, Departmental, Musical, Political & Representation and Religious.

If you are creative and passionate about arts you might be interested in joining one of the two award-winning societies in this particular group: Theatre Arts and Photographic Society. Or why not both?!

Theatre Arts Society organises workshops every Monday, bi-weekly socials on campus, annual trips abroad and frequent trips off campus as well as playwriting and talent competitions. The Photographic Society welcomes everyone who likes photography whether they have a smartphone, a compact camera or a DSLR. They also organise practical sessions, socials and a number of travel opportunities.

If arts are not what you are looking for and other cultures seem to catch your attention, or maybe you want to learn another language from a fun and engaging environment, try one of our cultural societies. The award-winning societies are African Caribbean, BruEssex, Cypriot, Chinese Student Scholars, French Connection, Korean, Malaysian and Romanian Society, welcoming everyone interested in their culture and activities!

If you are curious about degrees outside your area of study and look for an opportunity to build on your knowledge, the Biological Sciences and the Law Society are the most popular among the departmental societies.

What about debating, raising awareness and promoting equality, diversity and intersectionality? If at least one of these words attracts your attention you might be interested in Political & Representation societies.  Within this group the Feminist, Amnesty International and Human Rights are the most active societies, welcoming everyone and organising talks on various issues, panel debates with respected academics, trips to Europe as well as opportunities to improve your CV.

These are just a few of the amazing societies we have on campus and there are loads more out there than are even more unusual (Harry Potter society anyone?!).

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