Graduating in 2017: the world as I see it

27798604043_c2dbc43d4a_zI hate to say it. I even hate to think about it. I like to pretend that it isn’t going to happen. But the fact of the matter is my journey at Essex will come to end this year.

It is hard to believe that the laughs, hard work and stresses of the last three years will suddenly come to an end. No more classes, no more lectures, no more reading four books a week (I’m an English Literature student after all!), but I’ll miss it terribly.

The one thing that frightens me the most is life after university. Certainly the world of employment is experiencing difficult times and there is no guarantee of work once I’ve graduated- though I hope that the extra-curricular skills that I’ve picked up at Essex will work in my favour.

Ideally at this stage I could happily stay on at Essex until the end of the time if it meant that I didn’t have to enter into the “big, bad world.” And it is a big, bad world if we take into account the huge amount of political and financial uncertainty the country is currently in- at least at Essex the SU elections are relatively scandal free and my finances seemed to make it until the end of term successfully! Brexit, Trump and the tail end of a recession have made a number of things even more difficult compared to how it was back when I started university.

Perhaps I’m being too pessimistic, but forgive me if the thought of further “adulting” sends shivers up my spine. It could be down to the fact that I’m not actually sure what I want to do in the future, in fact I’m quite open minded at the prospect of a number of job sectors. But deep down I feel that I could go on learning and perhaps that means that further study is beckoning (what some people may think is simply prolonging not going into the world of work.)

The truth is no one can actually predict what will happen. Who knows, it could all change in the next few months! But until then I’ll continue to think mournfully of the impending closure of my time at Essex and make the most of this wonderful place whilst I’m still here!

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