Making the most of your time at Essex

The first few weeks of university can be quite daunting and demanding. We all know the journey: new town, campus, people and the list goes on…but don’t think for a second that this can stop you from making the best out of each day at Essex! Remember you are not alone; everyone else is going through the same stages.

As a first-year student living off-campus I remember perfectly well the number of times I used to get lost both on campus and in town, missing everyone back home and feeling that I might have made the wrong decision moving so far away from the ones I care about. You may probably wonder how I managed to overcome these overwhelming feelings. Well, there are so many activities out there to get involved in which will not only distract you for a while, but also help you meet other students with similar interests, make new friends and unforgettable memories.


Nightline was the first of my many volunteering experiences. As I was passing through North Towers one evening the Nightline banner caught my attention. First of all, what does Nightline do? It is a support service run by students for Essex students and the only student support facility opened during the night, which makes it unique.


Together with your team you will have lots of fun talking to other students, providing customer service, emotional support and information on different academic and social matters, as well as playing games and doing karaoke during quieter shifts!

But Nightline isn’t the only volunteering opportunity you can get involved with!


VTeam is another great opportunity to have fun while getting to familiarised with both Colchester and the campus. There are over 20 regular projects to choose from, but if you feel like trying something different every week one-off projects are exactly what you are looking for.

Just Play Sessions

Being a huge fan of sweets and never good at cooking, moving close to Tesco and the regular bus service, I kept avoiding anything which required much physical activity.

Getting rapidly out of shape, I started looking for quick solutions, for example, sports which would not require much commitment or experience. Fortunately, the Student’s Union had exactly what I needed and after a while I found myself going to Squash weekly not matter how tired I felt. Not only did I get fit, I made new friends and had such a good time!


Therefore, if you want to try a sport but you are unsure whether the chosen one is not suitable for you, Just Play sessions are the first thing to go to. Why should you choose Just Play? Besides keeping you fit, meeting new people and having lots of fun, it is free, all the equipment is provided and all abilities are welcomed. What else could you wish for?

 Sport Clubs

 Do you want to challenge yourself with something new?


Besides Just Play sessions, Student’s Union provides over 45 Sports Clubs through Essex Blades teams. All of them are free and students can join as many clubs as they want to. Even if you are like me, generally not very passionate about sports, among those provided there will be at least one that you will enjoy.

There was for me. Who would have imagined that I would enjoy boxing?! After trying Lacrosse, Rounders, Basketball and many others without much success I finally found Boxing, a great way to relieve stress and to keep yourself fit!



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