Accommodation stereotypes: What kind of person lives where!

The Towers

If I could describe our amazing Towers with one word, that would be social. The Towers, either South Towers or North Towers, are the most social type of accommodation at the university and also the most fun one! Having 16 to 13 people per flat, depending on which tower you live in, it is no surprise either.

Imagine having not only your flatmates as instant friends but the whole tower, since people tend to know each other from other flats and socialise a lot. Also, another plus would be the fact that you are bound to live with people from all around the world which means that you could get friends from all around the world, how cool is that?!

The Towers are a place for a good hangout. There is no chance you can feel alone here. There is not one day that is the same when you live here and that is why Towers are so magical.


The houses

The Houses are housing (get it?) the forever knowledge-hungry students They are located only a few minutes away from the Student Centre and the Library, so you’re only a quick step away from all the computers and materials that are available to us students. The Houses are kind of the opposite of The Towers, but that by no means equals boring! They are centrally located, which means you’re super close to campus and there are 4 to 6 people per flat – perfect for a close-knit group of friends!


The Quays

The Quays are next to a river and beautiful greenery, but as they’re a bit of a walk away from campus you can expect everyone to be out all the time. You will see the usual sporty people running along the river, playing badminton, enjoying a bike ride, and also just people out and about, sunbathing or just out for a picnic! The Quays are also super close to the train station, so if you fancy an impromptu weekend away or just a day trip, there is a 150% chance that you will find a minimum of 10 people going with you. The Quays are definitely for the curious adventurers who are eager to explore and be out and about!


South Courts

South Courts, being one of the most high-end type of accommodation we have, will definitely give you what you pay for. En-suite bathrooms in each room and only a three minutes’ walk away from Square 3, you definitely get the bang for your buck. It is an ideal choice for the sports fanatic, since it is located right next to the Sports Centre and Evolve Gym. It is also our largest accommodation area, so if you are thinking of moving to South Courts, be ready to see LOAAAADS of people. Housing 4 to 6 students per flat, and in some up to 12 students, it’s a perfect balance for your academic studies and social life.

south courts


But this is not everything the uni offers in terms of accommodation! Have a look at their website for more info on the others or if simply you want to find out more about the ones I talked about here 🙂

One thought on “Accommodation stereotypes: What kind of person lives where!

  1. I lived in South Courts and it really did give me satisfaction for my money. I have had friends in the towers and it is indeed social, sometimes too social when parties happen and the bathrooms fall victim to vomit and other not so pleasant ‘accidents’. If you are a social person who also enjoys their own space, the South Courts are definitely what you’re looking for.


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