My Favourite Uni Memories to Date

I am now in my fourth and final year of university and I have had an amazing experience both at Essex and on my year abroad at RMIT university in Melbourne, Australia. In this blog I am going to share some of my memories and experiences with you in a mini photo album. Maybe you can get some ideas of what to do at university to make the most out of your experience. Enjoy!

1st year

summer ball 1st year

In my first year of uni I lived in south Courts with five other people. These are two of the girls I became closest with and we moved into a flat off campus together in our second year. It was so much fun living with my flat and I feel like moving away from home was definitely the best decision for me. This is us at Summer Ball in 2013, finishing off our year with a bang!

2nd year

Arm sports fed

My second year at university is probably the one that I made the most of by using what the uni had to offer. I joined the Tennis club, where I was mostly a social member and took part in their social events every week. Here an example of an army social that we had before going to Sub Zero.


I also joined the Cheerleading Club. Here, I was part of the Game Day team and went to training sessions every week. It was a great way to meet new people, have fun and keep fit!

Tour 2nds year toga

In April 2015, I went on tour to Salou with the Tennis Club. It was probably one of my favourite experiences at uni yet! We were all really close friends, so it was a great experience to go on holiday together and dress up as a different theme every night, this theme was Toga.

Tennis Awards

Towards the end of the year the Tennis Club held a BBQ and an awards evening. This was where the President and Vice-President of the club would come up with the awards and who they would be given to. I was luckily enough to win social member of the year awards, which I was very proud of!

Summer Ball Becky.jpg

Finally, Summer Ball came at the end of the year in June. Here I said goodbye to a lot of my friends because I was going on a year abroad the following year and by the time I was back they would’ve graduated, however it was a great send off!

3rd year

Opera house

I have too many pictures to choose from from my year abroad, but here are a few! I studied in Melbourne, however I managed to travel quite a bit. This is me and two friends that I met whilst studying, in Sydney looking over the Opera House.

Chirstmas Australia.jpg

I didn’t go home for the whole year and even spent Christmas in Australia! On Christmas Day we went to Coogee Beach in Sydney and had a BBQ. It was very hot and I managed to get sunburn on Christmas Day, which was a strange feeling!


During the Christmas holidays when it was summer in Australia, we went on an East Coast road trip. This was one of my most memorable experiences, skydiving!

4th year

Milan 2

Now I am back at Essex and a lot of my friends have graduated, however I have been lucky enough to have some amazing flat mates! We are all students who have either returned from our year abroad or are currently on their year abroad, so are international. Here is a picture of us when we all went on a trip together to Milan.

Christmas dinner.jpg

Here is another picture of my flat having our Christmas dinner before we all went home for the Christmas holidays.

Derby Day 2017.jpg

Once again, here is another picture of me and my flat on Derby Day. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and even though Essex unfortunately lost, we had a great day!

I could share lots more pictures with you, but I hope this gives you some ideas of what the uni has to offer and how you can make the most out of your time here at Essex! I for one have loved it!

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