Our diversity celebrated: One World Essex

One World Essex, the week filled with our appreciation towards our varied student body and their culture. So what was it all about?

Our colourful “One World Essex” week kicked off on Monday the 27th of February, where, as most of you know, we had an amazing Parade of Flags and Carnival on Square 3 and 4 – and not just that! The Squares were filled with music and students dancing and talking and representing their nations. It was literally impossible to miss because when you heard all the music and laughter, you just had to join!


The even-better stuff came on Tuesday, though. The International Food Festival. Let me repeat that. INTERNATIONAL. FOOD. FESTIVAL. There was food everywhere on Square 3! You didn’t even need to know that it was on Square 3, you could just navigate yourself to the food by the amazing aromas filling campus! Stepping into the Square, you could see nothing else but loads of different stalls, each of them showcasing a different type of food, culture and nation. Just walking even close to the Square made our mouths water and bellies grumble! You probably guessed by now that we visited every stall and ate until we couldn’t even stand anymore.

After the amazing food from the Festival, we needed some music of course. And that’s exactly what we got on Wednesday at the International Concert. Our wonderful ISA brought us music from around the world. It was a night filled with music and dances brought to us by none other than our amazing international students.


We then had the Cultural Gala, on Friday the 3rd of March at the Hex. There I was able to meet our international student body and not only talked to them but also learnt a bit about their culture. And that should always come in handy, since Essex is one of the most international universities in the UK!

Last but definitely not least, our annual Essex Olympics took place! Keeping healthy is crucial and here, at our university, with all of our sports societies and Just Play sessions, you can do just that! We have a Sports Centre on campus where you can enjoy any sports you wish, and a new and improved one currently being built!

During One World Essex, we had a look at some of the most talented students that our uni has and it was amazing! It was fantastic to see our diverse, multi-cultural student body come together and celebrate each others’ heritage. Hope to see you there next year!


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