Easter Fun in America

I love Easter. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s chocolate galore!

Here in the USA, my university doesn’t have an Easter holiday, but I still had an amazing Easter weekend full of fun. Me and some friends went to stay with one of our lovely American pals in Phoenix, Arizona. We were looking forward to experiencing the 30 degree weather in Phoenix and finally going to a water park.

You might think that Easter in America is pretty similar to Easter in the UK, but there’s actually a lot of things that are quite different. First off, and I was extremely devastated to discover this, chocolate Easter eggs aren’t very popular here at all. Instead, there is a tradition of Easter baskets. The family we were staying with were kind enough to give us one. It was full of American candy and chocolates. We were also given a jar of over 1000 jelly beans!

18010386_1665677296780365_3201051392254263424_n Four Brits very happy with their Easter basket!

Taking advantage of the very hot weather we went to Wet n Wild Phoenix which is a massive water park in the middle of the desert. It was a welcome break from all the work I’ve been doing! I had a go on a water coaster which went much faster than I thought it would. There was also a slide that 6 people could go on together and so we all squeezed on but I did bang the head of one of my pals on the bumpy ride down! After our ordeal we decided to cool down with a snow cone. They were much bigger than I expected and I think I went slightly overboard on the syrup flavours as they all seemed to merge into one!

IMG_20170421_133450 Enjoying some huge snow cones!

Our hosts were cooking us all a special Easter dinner, so it was only right to share some classic British food with our American friends. We made a Victoria Sponge! It went down a great hit as our dessert after our American Easter dinner. It’s traditional in America to have a ham at Easter, which we did, we also had a croissant, some stuffed baked potatoes and a delicious pineapple bread dish. I’m very fussy so I was concerned I wouldn’t like a lot of the food but I tried quite a lot of new things and found myself enjoying them!

IMG_20170421_134750 Sharing some delicious British desserts!

After dinner we took part in some fun Easter activities. We had a very competitive Easter egg hunt in the garden with everyone hurrying to find as many eggs as they could. Although there was no overall prize, each egg had a dollar in and there was a special golden egg with five dollars. We also took part in some art and dyed some eggs. Watching the eggs change colour is surprisingly satisfying!

IMG_5113 (1) Our beautifully decorated eggs

I had a wonderful Easter with my friends and the family we stayed with. I’m so grateful for their hospitality and how they welcomed 6 crazy Brits into their home during the holidays! I know I’ll always have somewhere to stay back in Arizona and my friends over here are always welcome in the UK.

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