What to look forward to this Summer Term

I know what all of you are probably thinking right now: “What could we possibly look forward to during summer term? There’s too many exams!” And you would be right…partially. For many, the summer term is quite stressful because of all the exams that are coming. However, our amazing university is trying every year to make this time as easy  as possible. In what follows, I created a list of the things that our uni organises yearly, to make the exam experience feel less stressful, and also some activities that you can do by yourself.

Exam Angels

I do not know who they are, I do not know where they come from, but these people are heroes. HEROES I SAY.

Since everyone knows a hungry student is a sad and stressed student, they are trying to help us by giving us stuff. Free stuff. Exam Angels are people who go around campus and give out water, food and fruit, because they are that cool and loving and caring. You can catch them during exam time around the squares. During previous years, they also brought puppies around because well…we need a cuddle or two during exam time, let’s be honest. Truth to be told, if that is going to be happening this year, I am just going to be creepily following them everywhere. #noshame


The Lakes

And I hear you ask: “But Dragos? What about the lake? I can’t swim in it, so what good is it going to be?” I hear you my friend, trust me, so let me tell you a secret (which is not even a secret but I wanted to sound cool): every year around finals time there is a bridge built on the surface of the lake so you can walk on it and everything. BUT NOT JUST THAT…there’s a castle on it too. Yup. You read that right. A freaking bouncy castle because we are 12. I dare say it is the MOST FUN I have had in years. Just going there after revision to destress and jump around with your friends – it’s the best feeling ever.


Summer Ball

Ah yes, the Summer Ball. The only social event every student is truly looking forward to during the Summer Term. The Summer Ball is the time to relax, dress fancy and pamper yourself before going full-on party mode up in there. You go there, you get yourself a glass of champagne (because, yes, we are fancy), and you celebrate the year of constant battles of papers that you have been through and survived. It is an amazing opportunity to be with your friends and relax after the exams are officially over.


Warm weather

Mother nature is truly amazing. I have never seen as many people sunbathing, playing Frisbee, and just out and about, as I have seen during the summer term around the lakes. Some people just have a little picnic there, others have full on study sessions there with their friends – and not going to lie, it is kind of motivating to see that. I did it last year too and it felt so good to be out, laying in the sun and still being productive. As warm weather is sort of a rarity in UK, I highly recommend it!


Here’s just a few things for you to enjoy. Good luck with your exams and enjoy the Summer Term!

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