The 7 stages of revision we can all relate to

It’s officially May and you know what that means…exams start this month *cue uncontrollable crying*. This means we’ve all been busy cramming in some revision, or have at least tried to anyway, and with the hours of despair that this brings, I have written the 7 stages of revision that I think we all face!

The organisation stage

The first step of revision is organising all your work to make it look like you actually know what you are doing. You get your  notes out, line your coloured pens and highlighters neatly (because if they aren’t neat you obviously can’t be productive) and get your revision Spotify playlist ready for the long day ahead.  Now your revision is organised, you surely deserve a break?!


The first social media scroll of the day stage

The first social media scroll soon happens usually after you have organised your notes. That was enough hard work getting your work neat and a cheeky look on Facebook won’t hurt. Or maybe you were able to hold on that little bit longer and start some work by now?! But eventually you give in. It might be because your phone flashed up with a ‘long day in the library’ Snapchat from your mate (which obviously you have to respond to) or someone has tagged you in a student meme that totally sums up your life right now.

giphy (29).gif

When you actually pick a pen stage

You’re organised, you’re up to date with all the memes, you can finally pick up a pen. And this is when the real work starts. You have worked up to this moment. You have motivated yourself. This is how you are going to get that 2:1.

giphy (32).gif

Tea break/coffee break/energy drink break stage

Whether your go to drink is tea, coffee, an energy drink, or a fancy Starbucks drink, the thought of stopping revision to have one is tempting. The good thing about this is getting a drink is the perfect excuse to take a break from your revision. You can’t go thirsty can you! You may do this a number of times in the day. My preference is a cup of tea and obviously while the kettle is boiling I have another cheeky scroll on Facebook. My revision is pretty much based around my tea breaks, but if I’m revising on campus, I try not to be tempted to spend money and be unhealthy by going to buy some fancy Starbucks drink. (Then again, it’s exam season… so I deserve a treat right?!)

giphy (30).gif

The trying to do anything but revise stage

You’re got all your fancy fine liners out, you’re got the revision cards and you’ve got your tasty Starbucks drink. But you can’t seem to focus on revision. You mind wanders, wondering the big questions in the world like “Are Zebras black on white or white on black?” and “What was called orange first, the colour or the fruit?”. Or perhaps you are looking at holidays, planning to tan yourself after this misery called exam season ends. What ever you’re doing.. it’s not revising and it’s not going to help you pass your exams.


The ‘panic’ or the ‘I can do this’ stage

You’ve been doing work for a number of hours now. You’re thinking about calling it a day on revision, but at this point your study session has gone one of 2 ways; you’re either starting to panic, or you’re thinking ‘I’ve got this!’.


The morning of the exam stage

It’s the morning of the exam and their are 2 types of people. Those who are trying do that last minute cram revision with all their lecture notes around them in the library or outside the exam hall, or the one that I tend to take, what will be will be and I can’t change it with a last look at my revision notes!

giphy (31)

Happy revising 🙂

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