Bizarre Happenings That You May Hear About At Essex

 For the most part, our beloved University of Essex can be considered pretty ready for any weird and wonderful goings on,  there still have been some… let’s say, “incidents” that have reportedly happened over the years – mostly due to the students being … creative. Here are some examples, some rumoured, some true, of the shenanigans that have taken place on our Colchester campus.

*Disclaimer, just to repeat some of these are just rumours so don’t get too worried, no ducks were harmed in the writing of this blog post.*

*Rumour* Ducking Around

Here at Essex we love the ducks, whether they’re roaming the greenery around the lakes, or on Square 3 or 4 quacking at you for food scraps, listening in to your conversation while you chat with your friends. Alongside Pebbles, we couldn’t ask for better animal ambassadors. They’re super cute seeing them waddling around and for the most part live in a happy coexistence with campus life, so it’s best to just leave them be and let them get on with their important ducky business.


There was a rumour going around that…oh God. I can’t even write it. There was a rumour going around that one student caught a duck and then cooked it in their kitchen. Now, the validity of this story is doubtful, and our ducks are pretty feisty, so I’m unsure as to how easy a feat this would be, and besides,  look at those innocent little faces!


*True!* Square 4 Fountain disaster

As inscribed on the plaque which can be found on the fountain base (now filled with shrubbery) reportedly, one of the students liked the fountain that was located on Square 4 SO MUCH, that he drove his Fiat 500 into it.

So now there’s this garden thing in the fountain and we have trees there that have lights on them. It’s still pretty…just in a non-fountain way. And what is best is this actually happened! As part of the revolutionary movements that famously took place in Essex in the swinging sixties, one student did in fact park his car in the fountain and if you click here you can read a little bit more about it and the revolutionary festival that took place.



*Rumour* “Find Your Way” faux-pas

So, to give everyone a bit of context, Find Your Way is an official app of the University of Essex, that lets you input your starting point and destination and finds the best route for you. It’s like a little google maps for the Uni. It’s very handy, especially in the first few weeks when you just see the class number 5A.300 and you’re just like “What?.” To be honest, although it’s my second year here, I still use it on a weekly basis.

But getting back to what happened! Reportedly, a student was coming from the Constable Building, which is next Wivenhoe House, and they wanted to know how to get to a certain classroom. They put it in the app and it showed a straight like from their point, THROUGH THE LAKES, to the classroom. Fun stuff. Reportedly it was just a glitch and it was fixed immediately. The story remained a funny one and people still talk about it from time to time.

*True* There was one student however, who did manage to go straight through the lake (in a manner of speaking) during welcome week 2016. One student managed to bring and inflate a rubber dingy to the lake by the Silberrad centre, successfully rafting  towards the fountain before being politely asked to vacate by security!


So I hope these stories made you laugh (or at least chuckle), because even though we seem perfect (and we actually are), we are not (that’s a lie). If you guys have any funny moments to share, leave them down below in the comment section and share them with us. I mean, what is life without a little fun 🙂

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