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good luck

Not to freak you out but:

First Year: Tuesday 11 July 2017

Second and Final Years: Wednesday 5 July 2017

It’s the final countdown! If you’re an undergrad, you probably have a strange feeling in your stomach right now, it’s probably nerves, or fear, or dread, or a nice cocktail of the three. For second and third years, exam results are a mere 2 days away! First years, you’ve got a few more days yet, whether that’s a blessing or curse I don’t know!

There is no right or wrong way to deal with getting exam results, although I’m sure you’ve smashed it! But if you are uncertain about receiving your results, here are some things that have proven useful to me and my friends over the years.

A Good Setting

You don’t have to take this to the extreme, but if you’re super nervous about your exam results, it can prove useful to make sure you’re in a nice familiar spot, and your choice of company can make a massive difference with how you handle your results, it depends on the kind of person you are. You might want to celebrate or cry among friends or family or you may be like me and want to hide in a locked room out of sight to open your results. I had a friend during A-levels who had taken this to the extreme and scouted out a specific bench at the botanic gardens beforehand and retreated there like a monk to open his results email. You perhaps don’t need to be that dramatic but find a good setting, grab yourself a cuppa, breath and open the damn email, you got this.

Be considerate

When you receive your results, it’s super tempting to message all of your friends asking how they did, especially if you did really well and want to tell the world, which I can’t blame you for wanting to do! It’s a tricky one, because they probably feel exactly the same, and want to ask you too, so if you think it’s OK to ask, then maybe take a bit of time considering your approach, so you don’t seem like you’re just asking them so you can brag about your own.

Next Steps

The likelihood is you’ve probably done great on your exams, so happy days, time to get krunk. However there is a possibility that you aren’t as happy with your results and you may have to consider a retake, you can find information about that here or you may be able to appeal your results but you’ll need to read carefully up on it first.

Most of all…GOOD LUCK!!

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