A Day In The Life of a Second Year


If you’re applying to uni, you may be wondering what day to day life looks like for a student, it most definitely differs from the set structure of school and sixth form that you’re probably used to. It’s kind of hard to write what a general day is for students, because of the amount of choice, it varies greatly depending on department, subject choice, and who you are as a person. However here’s an example of a regular day of this particular student in the LiFTs department!


7am – (hopeful) Waking up for 9ams is the worst, especially when you moan about it to someone with an adult life and job and they’re all ‘you wait till you’re in the real world and you have to do that everyday.’ ugh save it Mum.

giphy (10)

9am- As a Film Studies and Literature student it’s a hard life, most film modules have a weekly screening so my 9am class this year entailed going to LTB10 (the on campus cinema) and watching a movie. The quality of said movie being questionable, sometimes it’s soviet propaganda films, sometimes it’s Alien or Batman Begins! I also bring snacks in and have a munch on a breakfast pastry or have a thermos of coffee to kick me into gear.

giphy (11)

11:30am(ish)– obviously dependent on movie length, I would then stumble back out all disoriented as you do after you’ve been sat in a cinema for 2 hours and then make the choice between productivity or what I actually do, which is get food or a coffee at the Lakeside cafe and sit on facebook in the student centre with every intention of doing work.giphy (12)

1pm- Lecture time! Meeting up with the gals from my course and settling in to get our learn on.

giphy (13)

2pm- To the SU bar for lunch. After lecture, most weeks this time would be spent with course friends, them getting something delicious-looking like pizza or lasagne and me crying into a sadly packed salad or some bruised fruit.

giphy (14)

3pm- Time to be a good person and go to volunteering.Meeting at the North Towers car park it’s time for V-Team, so we’d get a taxi to a local primary school where we would teach kids about film studies (or at least try to!) and freak out at the ratio of how much they loved me to how much I feared them.

giphy (15)

4:30pm- Back home for a quick bite and a chill.

giphy (16)

7pm- Off to yoga society to stretch out the stresses of uni. My favourite part is at the end when they get you to lay down on the floor and they turn off the lights, it gives you the illusion of being healthy, because you’re at yoga, but in reality you’re just laying down, trying not to drift off.

giphy (17)

8:30pm- Get home and crash for the rest of the evening! (Totally the best part!) Maybe reading something for my course, if I’m feeling particularly productive, but more than likely, I’m watching Netflix and falling asleep with my Ipad on my face by 9:30pm.

giphy (18)

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