My Essex Highlights


My time at Essex has been amazing and I’ve had some great experiences, here’s a few of the little moments that have made Essex special.


At the end of second year, the SU held a petting zoo, bringing a menagerie of animals onto campus to ease the exam stress. There were bunnies, dogs, fancy mice, and the coolest of all, meerkats! We were aloud to get in and hang out with the meerkats for a while, and it was amazing and a great stress reliever!


They’re literally on me! Amazing!


If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, then this will mean nothing to you, but also you should watch it, come on where have you been? Anyway, even if  you haven’t seen it, you will probably have heard of Hodor, AKA Kristian Nairn. Turns out Hodor is also an amazing dance DJ and before Game of Thrones season 6 came out, Kristian Nairn came and DJ’d at Essex and gave away a load of GoT goodies during the night, I got a ‘You Know Nothing Jon Snow’ mug, I was very excited. But best of all was afterwards we got to meet Hodor after his set, he was super nice! My photo is far too shaky because…reasons,  but here’s my housemate with the man himself!


Sorry Vilde, I hope you don’t mind me stealing your picture!

Milk It Halloween

Milk It is for me by far the most fun night out at Essex, mainly because my music taste is mainly guilty pleasures and cheese, so it’s perfect. This year, Milk It held a Halloween special and needless to say, karaoke, plus costumes, plus beverages, is always a winning combination!


I am aware that a pumpkin, Maverick from Top Gun, a Hogwarts student and a banana are an unlikely combination.

Think Talks

I love the Think Series, they open up super interesting topics for debate and really open your mind to things you’ve never considered before. At the beginning of second year I attended one on the porn industry and it was absolutely fascinating, they even give you free sweets and drink as you go in! Definitely a highlight of the things I’ve done at uni!


These are just a handful of amazing things that I have experienced during my time at Essex and I’m sure there will be many more, Comment below what your Essex highlights have been!

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