Christmas gifts on a budget

It’s actually snowed already, the gingerbread latte is back in the fashion and Mariah Carey plays on the radio approximately ten times a day.

Christmas is clearly approaching.

I got really excited about going back home, seeing my family and friends, and I started making a list of gifts ideas. It looked great, I had it all sorted. Then I opened my bank account…

If you are broke, like me, you might appreciate these Christmas gift ideas which will make your nearest and dearest feel special and won’t make you cry over your overdraft.




I made it a few times and it was always a total success! You can choose a template of a calendar and personalize it, or just do it all yourself, on the computer or just by hand. Choose the nicest pictures, mark important dates to remember, maybe add a nice quote for each month. It’s fun and easy to make and it will make your loved ones smile all year round!


Not a fun of calendars? How about a photo album with funny anecdotes, memories, the most beautiful moments from the past year, or years. It’s always nice to go down memory lane!


Another idea on a similar note is a personal sound journey. Once I gave my dad a CD with tracks from his childhood, young years, and important moments from his life, it triggered so many beautiful memories! He loves coming back to it a lot, it’s like a little time vehicle.



This is a classic. Imagine giving your precious person something you have knitted yourself? You might think it’s for knitting-PROs only, but this doesn’t have to be a masterpiece jumper with funky patterns, there are much easier things to do and with a little youtube tutorial I’m sure you can do it too!

If knitting is not for you, how about a personalized bag, shawl or decorative cloth to put on a table? You can get a plain linen bag or a piece of fabric from a charity shop or e-bay, and just embroider a name, a life motto, or a colourful pattern on it!


You can pamper your loved ones with a mini spa in a jar! There are loads of easy-peasy and cheap recipes for homemade make-up, make-up removers, creams, face-masks, lip balms, etc.!

How about Vanilla Coconut Sugar Scrub? All you need is 1/2 cup of coconut oil, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla (or a different aroma, but this is optional). That’s it! You just mix it well, put a scrub in a jar and voalá!

Another easy and cheap to make present is a handmade deodorant which is also much healthier than the industrial ones. The ingredients are: coconut oil, corn starch and baking soda. You can add an aroma if you like, but to me it’s perfect just as it is. You need 6 spoons of coconut oil, 4 spoons of baking soda and 4 spoons of corn starch. Mix soda with starch and then add the oil. The oil should be liquid to mix well, if it isn’t, you can just heat it up a little bit.

You can decorate the jar with nail polish, tie up a nice ribbon, or just keep it simple.



This is a great idea for wine lovers. Now you can make a use of all these wines you drunk during the term 😊 It can become a notice board, rustic bathroom mat, kitchen board to put a hot pan on, or just a lovely decoration. You can also pin pictures or good thoughts on it. All you need is cork and glue!

I hope these ideas inspired some of you to make a gift! You really don’t need a fortune to make your very special people happy. Just get creative and enjoy this lovely season! An empty wallet cannot ruin it!

Happy Christmas everyone!

University and Long Distance Relationships


This isn’t an original student blog subject, I know when I was just about to come to uni, I read copious blogs and articles of tips about how to deal with going to uni and having a long distance relationship and a lot of them were absolutely useless. This one probably is too in truth because you can’t make life choices based on what strangers from the internet say, trust me. 

Long Distance

I was very hesitant to come to uni, and although I’d have never admitted it at the time, a large feature was how little I would be able to see my then boyfriend. Of course now that ship has sailed, it is easy, as it is with other singles and people that are less experienced in relationships, to say how ridiculous that is. A lot of the blogs I was reading and the thoughts in my head, along with friends and family were telling me how stupid I was to let a boyfriend stop me from achieving my goals. Perhaps rationally, yes it is, but guess what? We aren’t robots, we’re emotional beings and sometimes being rational isn’t always what feels right.

I have read many blogs that have just flat out told people to break up with their significant other before they go to uni, just because they personally found it hard to be apart and had a bad experience. I’m not going to do that, because if you really care about someone that much, your relationship will prevail over distance, and why not try it rather than just binning them off before you go. Of course this differs, perhaps if you’ve known them a fortnight, the reality is the commitment isn’t there for long distance, because that is the essential part, commitment. The second thing is trust, you have to trust each other, especially if one partner is remaining at home, remember they’re not at uni, and during freshers week, all that partying and meeting new people can be very difficult for them to deal with when they’re sat at home worrying about you. The long and short of it is you must trust each other, and appreciate what is going on in each other’s lives.

Try as hard as you can to talk and see each other as regularly as possible. Depending on how far you have roamed for university, seeing each other may be more of a challenge, but try to skype each other as much as possible, it’s also really nice to have that point of contact to remind you of home and the support they can provide you.


‘Remember your friends’ says everyone ever when you get a new partner, and it’s so boring to hear, it is true, keeping the balance of your partner and friends social schedule is tough, what is great, is if you can encourage your mates to get on with your partner, then you can all do stuff together and you don’t have to feel guilty! Saying that though, you need to make sure that each party feel appreciated enough, like the other isn’t a priority over them. As long as you don’t cancel plans with your friends to blatantly just hang out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you should be ok.

You may have found this before going off to uni, but it seems like everyone’s got an opinion about your relationship! Your friends obviously want to see you happy, but they aren’t in the relationship, so don’t feel too anxious if their advice and opinions on your relationship don’t seem to be helpful to you. This is really hard, because you don’t want to fall out with your buddies over your relationship, and it can be frustrating to them if they have strong opinions and you aren’t following their advice. It’s all about letting them know you respect and appreciate the fact that they have your best interests at heart, but also politely telling them that it’s your life and they have to respect your life choices. I still haven’t mastered this, so good luck with that one!

Ignore Me Completely

I mean it! Ignore this blog! So why read it? Because a large part of what I am trying to say is follow what FEELS right not what friends or family or bloggers are telling you to do! Following your heart is never anything to be ashamed of, even if things go wrong, and university is all about making your own choices, so you do you! Do what you feel is right with your relationship. Most importantly, when you do see each other don’t PDA all over the SU bar, no one wants to see that.


Ways TV and Movies Lied To You About University


You’ve seen them, the crazy frat parties, the library romances, the hippies playing guitars under trees. Here’s a list of things you see in tv and movie universities, that are pretty rare in real life. 

Frat parties

Fraternities and Sororities are definitely more of an American thing, coming to uni in the UK, don’t expect crazy hazing or Animal House activities, I’ve never seen a keg in my life! If you’re lucky, the closest you might get is a red plastic cup! Of course there are parties, and they’re great, but they definitely don’t occur in houses like this:



Meeting The Love of Your Life in the Library

I personally don’t want disturbing whatsoever while I’ve got my study on, let alone meeting my soulmate in the poetry section. You know how it goes, she goes to pull out a book, he goes for the same one, they both giggle from either side of the bookshelf and then you throw up because it’s so soppy and gross. If that happened in real life the most you’d get is an awkward apology.

giphy (3)
Or another old favourite is the running into the geeky girl, causing her to drop all of her books, they then touch hands and smile over their mutual admiration for The Catcher in The Rye and the rest is history. I mean come on really?
Halls Rooms Like Harry Potter

Uni rooms are purposefully basic, and when you watch a movie or show where the characters go back to their enormous flat with a big beautiful fireplace and whatever other ridiculous furnishings ( there’s probably a massive wing chair somewhere) it just seems completely untruthful. In reality, University rooms are a nice and average size and plain for you to decorate.


Spring Break

Here in the UK, we’ve of course got beaches, but you’re not going to go party it up in Clacton for a week as if it were Miami. In the UK, spring break is most usually spent at home revising. Of course just like movie spring break, there will be regrettable decisions made, but they’re more likely to be eating too many snacks and wondering why you didn’t do the reading when you were supposed to.

giphy (1)

These are just a few things, and don’t get me wrong you will still see some wild things go on during your time at uni, but don’t believe everything you see on TV kids!


A Day In The Life of a Second Year


If you’re applying to uni, you may be wondering what day to day life looks like for a student, it most definitely differs from the set structure of school and sixth form that you’re probably used to. It’s kind of hard to write what a general day is for students, because of the amount of choice, it varies greatly depending on department, subject choice, and who you are as a person. However here’s an example of a regular day of this particular student in the LiFTs department!


7am – (hopeful) Waking up for 9ams is the worst, especially when you moan about it to someone with an adult life and job and they’re all ‘you wait till you’re in the real world and you have to do that everyday.’ ugh save it Mum.

giphy (10)

9am- As a Film Studies and Literature student it’s a hard life, most film modules have a weekly screening so my 9am class this year entailed going to LTB10 (the on campus cinema) and watching a movie. The quality of said movie being questionable, sometimes it’s soviet propaganda films, sometimes it’s Alien or Batman Begins! I also bring snacks in and have a munch on a breakfast pastry or have a thermos of coffee to kick me into gear.

giphy (11)

11:30am(ish)– obviously dependent on movie length, I would then stumble back out all disoriented as you do after you’ve been sat in a cinema for 2 hours and then make the choice between productivity or what I actually do, which is get food or a coffee at the Lakeside cafe and sit on facebook in the student centre with every intention of doing work.giphy (12)

1pm- Lecture time! Meeting up with the gals from my course and settling in to get our learn on.

giphy (13)

2pm- To the SU bar for lunch. After lecture, most weeks this time would be spent with course friends, them getting something delicious-looking like pizza or lasagne and me crying into a sadly packed salad or some bruised fruit.

giphy (14)

3pm- Time to be a good person and go to volunteering.Meeting at the North Towers car park it’s time for V-Team, so we’d get a taxi to a local primary school where we would teach kids about film studies (or at least try to!) and freak out at the ratio of how much they loved me to how much I feared them.

giphy (15)

4:30pm- Back home for a quick bite and a chill.

giphy (16)

7pm- Off to yoga society to stretch out the stresses of uni. My favourite part is at the end when they get you to lay down on the floor and they turn off the lights, it gives you the illusion of being healthy, because you’re at yoga, but in reality you’re just laying down, trying not to drift off.

giphy (17)

8:30pm- Get home and crash for the rest of the evening! (Totally the best part!) Maybe reading something for my course, if I’m feeling particularly productive, but more than likely, I’m watching Netflix and falling asleep with my Ipad on my face by 9:30pm.

giphy (18)

How I have spent my Christmas at uni

Ahhh, I still remember the day I had to bid farewell my hallmates as they returned home for the Christmas holidays. Back then I was partly happy knowing that I would have the flat all to myself and have all the peace and quiet in the world, but at the same time I knew I would miss the busy atmosphere that once governed the flat. Weirdly enough, staying on campus over Christmas wasn’t as gloomy as I expected it to be. So here are some of the activities that kept me busy over the break and that I fully recommend if you are ever far away from home:

I visited the Colchester Christmas Market


Since I have never been to a Christmas Market before, I was curious to find out what it was really like here in the UK and oh boy, the amount of people I found there was ridiculous. I don’t think I have ever seen Colchester that packed! Everyone seemed to be so warm and welcoming. Everywhere you looked, you could see children running around and couples holding hands. Besides that, the Christmas market was as magical as I had imagined: bright lights, great food and loud carols. All of these made the atmosphere unforgettable, and, although I went to it by myself, I can’t say there was a moment when I felt alone.

I attended a Christmas party


Who says you need to be home to have a proper Christmas feast? I spent half of Christmas day cooking together with two of my best friends in one of the flats in South towers. The occasional mulled wine and Christmas playlist made us all forget, even though for a short time, how far we actually are from home. We laughed about all the dumb things we did this year and about how they brought us together, we watched cheesy movies and played computer games till the point we could barely stay awake.  I ate an insane amount of food and got the most random presents ever, but if I could go back and do it again I wouldn’t change a thing.

I had the library all to myself

Doing Psychology is not as easy as everyone thinks it is. With one test on the first Tuesday of second term and two more essays in the week that follows, you come to realise that the Christmas holiday is not all fun and games. With the library being pretty much empty for the entire Christmas break, I took advantage of this time to catch up with my notes and finish my assignments. The quiet and calm atmosphere, plus the amount of books available to me, led to me being more productive than I ever thought I’d be (I went through 670 pages of Stats in a week. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is!).

Remember everyone, Essex isn’t just for life…it’s for Christmas too!

The 5 weird things you will discover about yourself at Uni

The typical aim for a university student is to become a successful person and eventually achieve professional prosperity and accomplishments. But student life can often feel like the opposite of all of that…it is just pure randomness! Today I will tell you about 5 weird things you come to realise about yourself as a student.

Love for the most unusual things

One thing that a student observes in themselves is the projection of their own affection to a non-being. In other words, and more specifically, you’ll come to love your bed more than any other human being. This love is unconditional, especially before a 9 am lecture.


The ability to procrastinate

There are some things that you’ll feel you need to give all your attention and care. For instance, studying for your exams. When it comes to revision, it has to be a perfect day: not too sunny because you’ll want to go out, and not too rainy, so you don’t just want to hide under your duvet. However, before you can even think about sitting down and, you know, doing some work, you’ll start worrying about all these things that you  just have to get done first. You’ll suddenly feel the urge to clean your entire room, top to bottom. All the things you started previously simply must be finished before you can concentrate e.g. finishing that Netflix series that can’t possibly wait. Finally, when you’re done hiding under your duvet and telling Netflix that yes, you ARE still watching, you’ll decide you absolutely have to have a shower. These showers will be some of the longest of your life, because anything is better than revising right?! You’ll amaze yourself with the bizarre things you end up spending hours doing, just to avoid opening up that first text book. But the truth is, it’s just like ripping off a band aid. Once you start revising, it really isn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be. You chose to study this topic after all, so you’ve got to find it a little bit interesting!

Your desire to plan everything

Procrastination reaches its peak when planning is more time consuming than actually following the plan. As a student you’ll learn to be organised. Students love sticky notes, planners and anything colourful to help remind them of everything they need to get done. It’s not like you can’t remember it anyway, but it looks better on bright colourful paper. Unfortunately, all the sticky notes and highlighted calendars in the world won’t actually do the work for you and there’s only so many times you can say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, so your incredible organisation skills will have to be put to one side, while you work on your amazing essay writing skills!


Your cooking skills

If you were thought to be fussy when your mum was cooking for you, well…things change. Only the lucky ones of us never end up burning their food. After countless attempts at cooking fancier meals, you’ll come to realise that as long as the food is edible and there’s no high risk of dying after digesting it, then you can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll also discover, after loads of trials and errors, that food actually tastes good when you are the one to make it – and it tastes even better when you are cooking it with a friend.


Your talent for losing things

The last weird thing you’ll come to realise about yourself is this: you will lose your key card more often than you will to get up for a 9 am lecture. If you live on campus, that key card will make you raise your hands in the air and ask: “Why, dear god? Why?” more times than you will care to mention. Eventually, you’ll accept defeat and give up on even considering looking for it. It’s easier just to get a new one. But if you do ever find yourself locked out then not to worry! You just need to call security or just go to the information centre and get a new key. They will be very happy to come and open the door for you (even if you happen to lose it on a Saturday at 4 in the morning, ahem, not that I would know anything about that).

Secrets of Colchester

Whilst wandering around campus taking in all the activity and random goings-on can make for a perfect day at Uni, eventually you’ll want to escape the “bubble” and have a couple of hours away taking in the sights of somewhere different. Especially if you’ve spent days staring at a blank screen in the library or your bedroom!

So, once you’ve explored the lesser known bits of campus, why not explore the local town? Come as we explore the lesser know (and hopefully) interesting secrets of Colchester:


Firstly, Colchester is famously England’s oldest recorded town and Britain’s first Roman capital city (but alas, no longer a city in name).

Speaking of the Romans…

Colchester has Britain’s only Roman chariot racing arena (often called the Roman circus) and once had 2 of the 5 Roman theatres that existed in Britain.

What did the Romans ever do for us?

Well, they built a temple in Colchester, the remains of which are underneath the castle- which is the largest Norman keep in Europe. You can also get a student discount to visit the castle!


And what did the Tudors ever do for us?

Layer Marney tower near Colchester is the tallest Tudor gatehouse in the UK.

Something in the water

The great water tower at the top of the High Street was built to provide the town with fresh water. The 1.2 million brick structure was nicknamed “Jumbo” in the 1880’s, after an elephant from London Zoo.

Gotta have faith

During the course of its history, Colchester has had over 13 churches in the town centre area alone. Some no longer exist, but their remnants can be seen (just look for the random graveyards on Eld Lane and Culver Street West!). One church is now the Colchester Arts Centre, another is used a performance and community space and yet another is the Natural History Museum. 8486467742_b44d974b57_o-3

Humpty Dumpty

Allegedly the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” was about an incident that happened in Colchester during the Civil War in which a cannon (known as Humpty Dumpty) collapsed from the town wall.

Bring on the wall!

The Roman settlement of Colchester was completely surrounded by a wall, of which fractions still exist (that makes parts of it nearly 2000 years old!) You can walk the approx. 2 mile route of the wall around the town.

Hole in the wall

The pub called the Hole in the Wall is so called because the landlord knocked down parts of the wall so that his pub had a good view of the railway line at the bottom of North Hill!

colchester17bigClaim to fame?

The Atik nightclub in the High Street was previously called The Grand Theatre and before that it was called the Hippodrome- a venue in which a young Charlie Chaplin performed.

Also H.G. Wells’ darkly comic novel The History of Mr Polly is apparently inspired by a Mr Polley, who worked as a tailor on St Botolph’s Street.


Certainly Colchester is a great place to explore and is somewhere every student or visitor to the University of Essex should visit at least once.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of what there is to see in Colchester, hopefully it provides enough of an incentive to explore this great town further.

A message to uni applicants: how your life will change over the next year

write-593333_1920I think many people were shocked when Bob Dylan was selected as the Nobel Laureate for Literature, but in one of his most famous songs he writes: “The times they are a-changing.” Never has a truer word been said because over the next year, as a university applicant, your life will be “a-changing”!

Now I am going to brutally honest here: the UCAS application process can be troublesome and when it comes to applying for Student Finance, you have to read everything carefully because it can be hard to change things once its all confirmed. However, by the end of it you will be a whizz at completing paper working and, perhaps, like me you will end up knowing the hold music for Student Finance England by heart (it is awful music!) due to the number of calls I’ve made to them!

But having said that, do not be put off. There is no greater euphoria than finding out that a university has accepted you, because then everything begins to fall in place and your future will seem that bit more exciting and closer. And who would have thought that you would be so excited to go back into education?!giphy1

If you are living on campus or university owned accommodation, you’ll find yourself becoming increasingly independent. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be cooking entire meals, budgeting my money (and often failing to successfully do so), and meeting people from all over the UK and the rest of the world. If you are a “home bird”, then be prepared for a shock: you may never want to go home – it does happen sometimes.

In the first term alone I had dressed up as a cow for a social event (complete with a marigold glove as the udder), met royalty and even found a well paid job on campus itself.

Yes there’ll be reading to do, long essays to write and lectures with hundred people in, but isn’t that part of the uni experience? It’s a new environment and a chance to start afresh. Reinvent yourself if you want, become the person that you’ve always wanted to be, perhaps challenge the preconceptions and opinions that you already have – in short you may change as a person and that is not a bad thing, in fact it can be quite opposite.

But no matter what sort of person you are, the best advice is to make the most of it. Sure, you will be caught in a whirlwind of activity, the buzz of meeting new and interesting people and find yourself getting lost, but that does not mean that you can’t enjoy it. You’ll only be a first year once, so seize every opportunity.

I mean you think you’re living a great life now, wait until you begin university!23104179002_dc45e2b77a_z

How Essex are you?

Do you think you know Essex? Can you tell the Hex apart from Happy Days? Blues from Base bar? Well let’s put it to the test to see how much Essex you really are…

1. Who is this little bundle of joy who has over 6,000 likes on their Facebook page?

Campus Cat


2. Which local painter famously painted Wivenhoe Park, the location of the now Colchester Campus?


3. How many years old is the University of Essex?


4. Which square is the psychology building on?


5. Which University is considered to be Essex’s main rivals?

derby day logo


6. How many towers were originally meant to be built on the Colchester Campus 

towers accommodation

A) 0-3

B) 4-6

C) More than 10


7. What is the University of Essex’s official university motto?


8. At Essex, we’re proud of being a University which welcomes students from over 100 countries. But what is the percentage between international and domestic students at the University?



9. A snakebite is a uniquely popular beverage for students at Essex. How much is a snakebite in the SU bar?



10. Our Loughton and Southend Campuses are home to which world-leading drama school?

loughton campus.jpg

A)West 16

B) East 15

C) North 17


11. What are these things around the Colchester campus? (Clue: there are 18 of them in total)



12: Which of these is not a catering outlet on the Colchester Campus?


A) Frango’s

B) Refresh

C) No.66


13: In 1970, Essex was the first University to create Nightline. Between which hours every night during term time is the service open to students?



14: The Safety bus is a popular and safe way to get home late at night. But how much does a single journey cost?

safety bus.jpg


15: Prince Charles once called the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall ‘a dustbin’. What is the capacity of this shiny silver building?



16: Which collection of art, based at Essex, is the only collection of its type in Europe?



17: Over the years Essex has been visited by many great bands and music artists including Pink Floyd. However which one of these bands has not played at the University?

pink floyd.jpg

A) The Kinks

B) The Smiths

C) Rolling Stones


18: The Albert Sloman Library is home to these unusual looking lifts, which have both puzzled and excited students for decades. What is the correct term for them?

library lift.jpg


19: On the Colchester Campus, it’s pretty easy to get lost trying to find your seminar room. So which App do students use to discover a room’s location?



20: The new home to the Essex Business school was built last year. But what is so special about the building?


A) The building’s wood was imported from Norway especially for the building

B) It’s the first Zero Carbon Business School in the UK

C) It was designed by a current Essex student



1: Campus cat

2: John Constable

3: 52 years (formed in 1964)

4: Square 1

5: UEA

6: C) More than 10

7: Thought the harder, heart the keener

8: 40% international / 60% domestic

9: £2.80

10:B) East 15

11: Frisbee golf holes

12: C) No. 66 (No.64 is the correct alternative)

13: 10pm-8am

14: £1

15: 1000 people

16: Latin American

17: The Rolling Stones

18: Paternoster lift

19: Find your way

20: B) It’s the first Zero Carbon Business School in the UK


So… How did you do?

0-9: Do you even know where Greenstead is? Looks like you’re just a UEA student in disguise…

10-14: Looks like you must be a fresher…. You may know a bit from reading the prospectus from cover to cover but you have a lot to learn yet…

15-20: Your blood must be red and purple because you’re Essex through and through! Celebrate by grabbing a drink in the SU bar or by taking a visit to Blues Bar!



6 things I did not expect in my second year

We are only in week 5 and I can already feel the big difference between my first year and the second year. I ideally wanted to wait until the end of the year to post this blog, but I personally don’t think that it is going to make any difference.

Here are 6 things that I did not expect in my second year;


Lectures expect you to do the reading before your lectures. I must say that in the first two weeks I did not even open a book. But then I quickly realised that it was very important as the seminars are always based on the readings. As I felt that I was already falling behind, I aim to read before my lectures. This also meant that I went to library almost every day, which I barely did in the first year. 61821302

  1. Friendship

When summer holidays began there are many people who I did not make effort with, and there were many who did not make effort with me. This is when you that they were your ”campus friends.” Many people who I considered as friends in my first year have now become strangers. However, the people who I never spoke to in class last year have now become my friends. This happens with a lot of friendship groups and there is nothing to be sad about, its life and it happens.

  1. Second year counts 

Every work you submit will COUNT! I have become overly conscious of the fact that essays I submit will affect my overall degree grade (no pressure).

  1. Involvement

I found myself to be more involved with activities such as being participating in volunteering projects, blogging for I am Essex, peer mentoring, attending to Learning & Skills training sessions, workshops and events, careers fair.. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GET INVOLVED)  and doing many campus jobs such as being a Student Ambassador, going to at least one Just Play session a week, Karaoke nights ( when there is time) with my friends. I barely did any of these things as I had other priorities and did not see the importance of participating in all the activities provided by the university and student union, but it is important as it looks good on your CVs.

Doing a lot of activities has also helped me to become more settled at uni, and I find it easier to socialise and engage with other students and staff at the university.

  1. Nights out

Going out has become so boring to me. I used to spend all my money on cab, drinks and entry fees at raves. This has all changed this year, I really don’t mind if I have missed a night out. It has become repetitive for me, as I hear same music and see the same people  and it is very money consuming.  The only night out I make effort in are for my close friends birthdays.


  1. Saving money 

I use to spend a lot of money last year on campus restaurants such as Fusion, Happy Days and the store. I was not able to save up for stuff I liked and for emergency  expenses. This year I have found a solution for saving money and one of them is meal prepping for the week. Every Sunday, I will spend time cooking for the week and take whatever I have made for lunch.

I  also set up a mini budget for the week. This is only so I can see how much I am spending and what I am spending on. This very important as student loans are not really enough. I also do a lot of bargain shopping, for instance, I go to Aldi for my big shopping instead of Tesco.



My experience so far in my second year has been very fun as well as a little challenging. But the key motto is to remain calm, stay organised, motivated and just have lots of fun.