Hey I’m Chloe!  I’m a Literature and Film undergrad at Essex and a connoisseur of snacks, blanket burritos and dog memes. I am also an avid Pebbles fan (campus cat, not the stones you find on the beach, although I guess they’re ok too.) I love literature and film because who wouldn’t love reading books and watching movies and actually counting it as productivity?  I’ve studied Batman twice since I’ve been here, so I feel like a winner when my housemates are busy studying Genomes and Blairite politics!

I came to Essex worried that I would be a bit of an outcast, not overly bothered about drinking and a bit of a granny at heart, I thought I might not fit into the student community, (my ideas of which had been entirely shaped by Fresh Meat on channel 4.) In actuality, even as a pensioner in a 21 year old’s body, I have met people and had experiences that I wouldn’t change for the world, and I really feel like Essex has become a home from home to me.

I am blogging as a marketing frontrunner for the student recruitment department. The frontrunner scheme is a really great opportunity to get some professional work experience during your degree, and is such a good stepping stone into the working world after uni. I will be blogging about all kind of things, uni lifestyle, places to go in Essex, things to do and eat, and if you’re lucky maybe a student recipe or two (I’m basically only good for mugcakes and covering things in cheese.)